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How to Unblock someone on Gmail Google provides an email service called Gmail, which can be accessed using a mobile app or a web browser. You can also use the IMAP and POP protocols-enabled email clients. Users can learn How to Unblock Someone on Gmail. You can read the following article to learn more about how to unblock someone in Gmail.


Google offers Gmail, a free email platform that allows users to send and receive emails. There were 1.5 billion active users in the world at the end of 2019, according to 2019. Gmail was launched in 2004 with a storage capacity that was one gigabyte per user. This was significantly higher than the storage capacities of its competitors. Gmail currently has 15 gigabytes in storage. It is shared with Google Drive, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Users can send up to 25 gigabytes of email and can receive 50 megabytes of attachments. You can also insert files from Google Drive in your message to send larger files.

Gmail’s interface is search-oriented and features a conversation view, which resembles an Internet forum. It was the first to adopt Ajax as a web development technique. Google’s email servers scan emails for different purposes. These include spam and malware filtering as well as displaying context-sensitive advertising next to emails. Privacy advocates have criticised this advertising practice because of concerns about data retention and monitoring by third parties. There is also the potential for Google combining information from other data users. These concerns have led to lawsuits against the company. Google claims that all email users should expect their messages to be subjected to automated processing. It also states that it does not display ads alongside potentially sensitive messages. Google stated in June 2017 that contextual Gmail content would no longer be used for advertising purposes and instead relies on data from other services.

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail?

Apart from blocking a user’s Google Account, you might also be able bloc their email address or phone number. Please note that these blocks do not apply to all Google products. You can block an email address in Gmail and a phone number from your phone app. However, these will not appear in the account and will not be applied to other Google products. If you block a number in Google Fi, Google Voice or Google Voice, it will appear in the “Blocked Users” section of your account. It will only apply to those services and not other Google products.

  • Log in to your mailbox
  • Click the gear icon.
  • Choose the See All Settings option.
    • Navigate to Filters & Blocked Addresses tab.
    • You should inspect all blocked addresses.
    • If there aren’t any addresses displayed, it is a sign that you’re not blocking anyone at the moment.
    • Select the sender to be unblocked.
    • Click to Unblock certain addresses
    How to Unblock Gmail Android App.
    1. Open the Gmail Android app.
    2. You can find the message of the sender that you would like to be unblocked.
    3. Please open the message.
    4. Tap the Unblock button
    How to Unblock Someone on Gmail on iPhone?
    1. Launch
    2. You can find the message of the sender that you would like to be unblocked.
    3. Please open the message.
    4. Tap the Unblock button
    How Do You Block Someone From Gmail?
    • Use this message to block anyone from sending emails through Gmail.
      1. Send a message to the person that you are trying to block.
      2. Click on the three vertical dots located next to Reply.
      3. Choose Block “senders name” from your menu.
      4. Block is the option to select in the dialog “Block this email address”
      5. The message will be accompanied by a message that allows you to unblock the sender of Gmail.
    • If you are unable to find the message, you can also block them using your Gmail settings.
      1. You can open Gmail Settings by clicking on the gear icon, and selecting the See All Settings option.
      2. Click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
      3. Select Create new filter.
      4. Select Search and enter the address that you wish to have blocked in the From box.
      5. Gmail searches your messages for matches and displays them.
      6. Leave a message
      7. Select More, then choose Block “senders name” from menu.
      8. Block will be selected when you are asked to confirm.
    • There are two additional options available when creating the block filter.
      • To stop messages exceeding a specified size, use the Size field to enter a file name and select whether or not to look for messages greater than or lesser than that size.
      • Click the “Has attachment” checkbox to block messages that contain attachments.

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