Ingredientm Reviews {July} This Is A Legit Website!

Are you familiar with the Ingredientm Review? Take a look at our updated analysis about

Do you want to know the latest summary of Are you curious to find out if this online shop is safe? Online shopping has gained immense popularity since the Covid pandemic.

However, some websites have been reported to have scammed most United States buyers. It was a huge risk for people to believe. This article will expose the truth about ingredientm Reviews threads.

What is

We found the website after conducting an analysis. It offers items that any buyer would be interested in, such as clothes and accessories. This virtual website is said to offer great products in a simple way. A website’s attractive layout may also make it look authentic.

You must look at more important factors before you can trust any online store. We recommend that you carefully review the following points to get more information.

Detecting the Essential Specifications To Determine What Is The Legit ?

  • The portal’s URL is
  • Only PayPal and major credit cards are accepted in this shop.
  • After 2-5 long processing times, they will ship your items.
  • Research shows that this e-shop sells casual and sweatshirts.
  • Within 14 days, the portal will issue a refund in the original payment method.
  • The address is retrieved from this site at Room Number1705 in Building-Seven.
  • In rare cases, delivery may take longer than expected because the website cannot control such activity.
  • No social icons were found in our Ingredientm Review investigation.
  • During the analysis, no phone number will be rescued.
  • 11-05-2022 was the date of registration for this website. This data suggests that has been around for 2 months and 15 day.
  • The buyer has 45 days to return the product if it is not what they ordered.
  • We discovered as the mail address.
  • They do not offer exchanges for personalized products.
  • Survey results showed that the portal has a newsletter feature.
  • The website gave us the name Quanzhou Jibu Trading Co., Ltd.

Pros Found

  • The newsletter presence is visible.
  • The Ingredientm Review survey suggested the existence of an office and email address.
  • We noticed that some items have reviews on this website.


  • The analysis did not reveal any contact numbers.
  • The portal does not contain any social icons or connections.
  • Trustpilot does not have any customer reactions to this site.
  • The majority of products reviewed are given a 5-star rating. This indicates suspicion.

Is Ingredientm Dubious?

  • Site Age – We found that this portal was created 11/05/2022. This indicates that it is approximately 2 months and 15 day old.
  • Trust Score – We discovered that this shop had a 1% suspicious value. This prompted many shoppers to ask questions like Is the Ingredientm Legit.
  • Bulk-Buying Service – We found this feature.
  • Address Legitimacy – According to our survey, has the copied address that many other online portals have. This suggests that purchasing from this site could be risky.
  • Unrealistic Concessions During our investigation, we found items being sold at almost half the price on this website. This activity addresses the possibility that buyers might be tricked by it claiming to offer budget-friendly items.
  • Customer Feedback – We did not receive any Trustpilot reviews for this portal. The website also failed to receive comments from other review websites.
  • Domain Suspension Deadline – We discovered that the portal’s expiration is 11/05/2023 after analyzing the Ingredientm Reviews threads.
  • Trust Ranking – When searching for, a 28.2/100 value will be extracted.
  • Social Media Connections– Our survey detected no social strings.
  • Alexa Rank – No Alexa Rank value was found when we searched for this portal.

Remarks from Legit Buyers

Trust pilot did not have any authentic ratings or comments from online shoppers. However, Trust pilot has excellent feedback about products that we are unable to use in our research. We have not received any comments for during our research. Learn how to protect yourself from PayPal tricks.

The Concluding Thoughts

This article summarized the Ingredientm Reviews investigation, and flagged the portal as suspect since it was new. You can however adapt useful tips on credit card tricks.

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