Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam {Aug 2022} This Is Legit Or Scam Website!

This article is a compilation of information on about the Arbor Day website, to verify whether it is Arbor Day Foundation Scam or not.

Earth is home to us and we must do our part to ensure it’s a safe environment for the future as well as right now. Right? Are you aware of the Americans? Do you know about America? United States and their efforts to support this cause?

Arbor Day Foundation is an online organization that promotes and assists people to donate money and purchase plants to help conserve the environment. The orders are delivered directly to the doorsteps of the. But people want to learn more about Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam.

Is The Arbor Day Foundation Real Or Bogus?

  • Date of creation-14/04/1995 ( not a good for the domain)
  • Expiration Date:15/04/2025 ( greater than three years remaining)
  • Owner’s details –Data of the owner are hidden by WHOIS.
  • Trust Index-It is very good, having an average score of 97%..
  • Trust scoreOutstanding trust score of 100/100.
  • Status of Website BlocklistStatus:Not yet recognized in any engines.
  • Malware ScoreNot detected any.
  • Phishing scoreDidn’t discover any.
  • The distance of suspicionNo suspicions have been found.
  • Website RankSafe with active rank.
  • Arbor Day Foundation Reviews Review of Arbor Day FoundationThere are a variety of online reviews available on various website portals.
  • Secure-It provides a secure as well as secure HTTPS connection.
  • Social media presenceActive Facebook, Instagram Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
  • Contact details –It is accessible and is available on Google.
  • Website PopularityThis site is popular.
  • Spam score –Not discovered any.
  • Address Address Can be located on the official website and searchable on Google maps.
  • Tracking of ordersThey will inform customers via an email and also have portal tracking.

The data analysis fundamentally proves that viewers’ query What is the Arbor Day Foundation scam?has been answered as not-to-late. Let’s look at more.

Arbor Day Foundation- More Details-

The Arbor Day Foundation was formed in 1972. The foundation was inspired by the concept of celebrating Arbor Day, which is a holiday that serves as the time to plant trees. Different countries celebrate this holiday in different dates because they have different climate conditions for planting trees. The foundation’s goal is at planting more trees in the future.

The customer can purchase and collect the plants from their website. Additionally, they have a section where you can donate to these plantation drives across the nation.

Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam ?– Specifications –

  • Website name-
  • Contact number1-888-448-7337
  • Email
  • Address-The Arbor Day, Foundation, 211 N. 12th Street Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Cost- USD.
  • Policy on Return and RefundThey have one time, one year policy to exchange seedlings that have they have not yet developed. If they are damaged, the replacement will be no cost.
  • Payment methods –PayPal, Visa, MasterCard
  • Shipping Policy –Orders over $99 will be free delivered. The order will be delivered within 7 to 12 days.
  • Privacy policyCollection of donor information and the location.

Examining the data further reveals additional points: Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam? Gets unclear explanation.

Pros of the sitePros of the website

  • The domain is well-known.
  • It has a high ranking on Alexa.
  • The site has been deemed as safe.
  • They do not have malware or scores for spam.
  • Numerous other websites have also promoted this site.
  • It is an authentic SSL certificate.
  • This website receives many visitors.
  • The owner has been claiming the domain’s domain’s domain name for quite a lengthy period of.

Contradictions with the site Cons of the website

  • A variety of reviews have been reported and tend to be mostly negative.
  • Who is the person who owns it is kept secret by WHOIS.

Arbor Day Foundation reviews 

The website’s information and scores are genuine and secure; the reviews are mixed and mostly negative. Some customers were dissatisfied with their delivery services and reported inadequate service from the front helpline whenever they called. Some also are unhappy with the service of plants they received.

However, people are pleased with their contributions to the organization because they are working hard for the cause, and are offering greater options to their members. In addition you can click here to find tips on how to protect yourself against PayPal disadvantages .


“Is Arbor Day Foundation Scam,  likely “Not.” But one should research other’s experiences before making a purchase. But, everyone has diverse experiences and we ought to learn from each. If the company fails to meet the terms they stated and one needs to look over the whole purchase prior to making a decision.

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