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Brandon Cole Bam Margera, born September 28, 1979, is an American former professional skateboarder. She was also a stunt performer and a television personality. People are more interested in knowing if Bam Margera is dying. We will be discussing Is Bam Margera Dying in this article.

Is Bam Margera Dead?

Bam Margera, ex-pro skater and TV personality, revealed that he was being treated for COVID-19. The condition left him confused by pneumonia. Margera could not breathe independently and was put on a ventilator December 9. Bam Margera, his Jackass pal Steve-O shared the news when he sat down on Wild Ride with him! Bam Margera said that Steve-O was declared dead Dec. 8. He had COVID and was in a state of shutting down. He had four seizures that lasted between 10 and 20 seconds each. The fourth time, he bit off his tongue so hard that it almost fell off. It was so swollen, it didn’t fit in his mouth. He was drinking infected blood, which also gave him pneumonia.”

What Ever Happened to Bam Margera’s Life?

After being diagnosed as having pneumonia, Bam Margera (a TV star) was recently admitted to the hospital. Bam Margera was admitted to the hospital with Covid-19. But, things have improved. Bam Margera, who is often in rehab to deal with his addictions, has been trending online. Bam Margera was spotted outside having fun, despite the fact that the court ordered his restoration.

Bam Margera Drug

Bam Margera became addicted to alcohol early in his life. The condition got worse after Margera’s entry into the entertainment industry. Bam Margera was admitted to rehab in 2009. He couldn’t change and still left the facility. After suffering extreme pain in his knees, Bam Margera took a break in 2012 from skateboarding and continued to drink to keep himself busy. After three years of addiction, he was admitted to rehab. He reportedly never drank alcohol again for any length of time. However, his addiction issues persisted. He had to go to rehab twice in 2018, and again in 2019, before deciding that he would rather fight the problem outside of the facility. Bam Margera had a dispute in 2019 with an airport administrator. He was refused entry onto the flight because he was drunk. Margera said last year that he was sober for many, many years in a now-deletted social media post. However, he was back in recovery and ran several times away from the center. He was found intoxicated at a bar near Atlanta, Georgia two months earlier.

Is Bam Margera Still Alive?

Some readers may be confused if Bam Margare is actually alive or dead, after learning some facts about Bam. According to usatoday, the confusion stems from the fans. Bam Margera answered the question “Yes, Bam is still alive.” After suffering a severe COVID-19 infection in December, Bam Margera was lucky to still be alive. On Thursday’s episode “Steve-O’s Wild Ride,” 43-year-old Jackass celebrity talked about his near death experience. podcast.

Bam Margera Wiki

Brandon Cole “Bam”, also known as Brandon Margera, was born September 28, 1979. He is an American ex-proficient and well-known skateboarder, stunt performer, TV character, and also filmmaker. Bam Margera was a star of MTV’s Jackass, and the subsequent sequels. Bam Margera was also responsible for the Jackass spinoff shows Viva La Bam. Bam’s Unholy Union, Bam’s World Domination and Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show. She also wrote and directed the films Haggard, Minghags.

Bam Margera Bio

Brandon Cole “Bam,” Margera was born September 28, 1979. He is an American ex-proficient, famous skateboarder, stunt performer, TV character, and filmmaker.

FULL NAMEBrandon Cole Marge
DATE OF BIRTHSeptember 28, 1979
AGE43 years
OCCUPATIONSkateboarder, stunt performer, television personality, filmmaker
PARENTSPhil Margera (father).April Margera (mother).
SPOUSEMissy Rothstein(m. 2007; div. 2012)Nicole Boyd (m. 2013)

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