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Black Adam – Is it related to Shazam or not? In this article you will find the information that you need to understand the relation between Shazam, Black Adam and the other characters.

Black Adam – Is it related to Shazam?

Black Adam shares a connection with Shazam due to the origin of their powers. Shazam and Black Adam received their abilities from Gods by the same Wizard. Both Shazam and Black Adam draw their powers, however, from different Gods.

Billy Batson is also known as Shazam. He draws his power from Greek Gods. When Shazam shouts “SHAZAM”, he receives the Wisdom of Solomon as well as the Strength of Hercules. All the letters of “SHAZAM” are the Greek Gods that give him power.

Black Adam, or Teth Adam as it is also called, received his powers initially from the Wizard Shazam. The Egyptian Gods are the ones who give him his powers, not Greek Gods. When he says “SHAZAM,” the Egyptian Gods grant him superhuman endurance and invulnerability. Horus grants him superspeed and the ability of flying. Amon gives him superhuman strength. Zehuti provides wisdom and enhanced sensing. Aton grants lightning powers.

Black Adam is not Shazam. They share the same source. They have different personalities, motivations, and origins. Shazam, on the other hand, is usually depicted as a heroic figure. Black Adam is typically portrayed in a negative light. Shazam is a young child who transforms to become an adult superhero, while Black Adam has already reached adulthood when he gains his powers. Their differences make both characters unique and fascinating in the DC Universe.

Shazam and Black Adam – Are they the Same?

Shazam is not Black Adam. They both have similar powers but they are not the same character.

Shazam and Black Adam both became champions after the Wizard Shazam granted them the powers of the Gods. Billy Batson is the kid who turns into Shazam after saying the word “SHAZAM”, while Teth Adam is the adult who gets to be superpowered.

The main difference in these two characters comes from their source of powers. Shazam receives his powers from Greek Gods. Black Adam, on the other hand, gets similar abilities from Egyptian Gods. Billy Batson is imbued the Wisdom of Solomon as well as the Strength of Hercules.

Black Adam gets his superhuman endurance and invulnerability by yelling the word. He also gains his superspeed and the ability to fly thanks to God Horus. His superhuman strength comes from Amon, the King of Egyptian Gods.

Shazam, on the other hand, is always shown as a hero. Black Adam’s character is defined by his desire for revenge against those who have wronged his people and himself. This can lead to him taking violent and ruthless action. Shazam’s youthful spirit, sense of justice, and humor are what make him stand out. Shazam is similar to Black Adam, but they have different personalities, powers and origins.

Shazam and Black Adam meet?

At this time, it is unclear whether Shazam and Black Adam are going to meet in the DC Extended Universe. Although the characters are linked by their source of powers, they have not yet had their storylines intersect on screen.

Black Adam was originally going to appear as the primary antagonist in Shazam’s first film, but plans have changed. Black Adam now gets his own standalone film. Black Adam was initially going to appear in the first film of Shazam as a primary antagonist. However, those plans have been changed and Black Adam will now get his own stand-alone film. According to reports, the two characters would also meet in Shazam!’s post-credits scenes. Fury of the Gods. However, Dwayne “Black Adam” Johnson declined the role.

It is possible that the two characters will meet again in the future. Fans love both characters and they have a big presence in the DC Universe. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see them cross paths. Dwayne Johnston has repeatedly expressed his desire for him to take on Zachary Levi’s Shazam.

With the recent restructuring of DC Studios it is possible that the plans to bring the two characters together could be changed again. James Gunn is the new co-head at DC Studios. He has shown his willingness to mix characters from various properties in films like The Suicide Squad. There’s a chance that we will see a Shazam / Black Adam crossover at some point in the future.

What’s the difference between Black Adam & Shazam?

Although Black Adam shares many of the same powers as Shazam and they both gain their abilities from the word “SHAZAM,” the two characters are very different.

  1. Their powers are derived from different gods:Shazam has his powers from Greek Gods while Black Adam is a product of Egyptian Gods. Shazam uses the Wisdom of Solomon to summon the Strength of Hercules and the Stamina of Atlas. Black Adam draws his powers from the Egyptian gods Shu, Horus Amon Zehuti Aton and Mehen.
  2. Description: Black Adam tends to appear as a villain/antihero while Shazam usually appears as a heroic figure. This is mostly due to the fact that they have different views on how to best use their abilities to help others.
  3. age : Billy Batson transforms into an adult when he says “SHAZAM.” He gains superhuman abilities. Teth Adam has already reached adulthood when he acquires his superpowers. This allows him to grow in size without actually growing.
  4. Personality Black Adam’s personality is described as being more ruthless than Shazam. Shazam tends to have a more lighthearted, playful nature.
  5. While both characters share similar powers such as flight and superhuman strength they have different powers. Black Adam can survive without water or food because of his invulnerability, but Shazam doesn’t have this power. Black Adam’s powers of lightning are derived directly from Aton the Egyptian God, whereas Shazam’s powers of lightning come from Zeus’ Power.

How are Black Adam & Shazam Related

Black Adam is related to Shazam through the wizard, who gave them their power. Both characters were chosen by the Wizard Shazam to be his champions, and he gave them godly powers. Wizard Shazam is an incredibly powerful sorcerer. He can give the chosen champions of his choice the power of six gods.

Shazam, Black Adam and other superheroes get their power by saying the same “SHAZAM” word. The moment they speak the word “SHAZAM”, they are struck with lightning and endowed with godly abilities. Shazam’s powers come from Greek Gods, whereas Black Adam draws on Egyptian gods.

Black Adam is not the same as Shazam, even though both characters share the power of the Wizard. Black Adam is shown as a villain or antihero while Shazam was always a superhero. Billy Batson’s transformation from a young boy to a full-grown man after saying the word “SHAZAM” is another distinction. Teth is already an adult when he receives the ability to turn into a superpowered being.

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