Is Carol Burnett Married Find Her Full Details!

If you’re wondering, is Carol Burnett still married? You should read this article to learn more about the talented and famous comedian Carol Burnett.

Is Carol Burnett Married?

Carol Burnett has been a legend in the world of comedy for many decades. She is known for her wit, charm and trademark ear pull. Some people may know about her professional career, but others may be curious to learn more about her personal history, especially her marital status. Carol Burnett is married, right?

Carol Burnett married Brian Miller. The couple first met when Burnett played a concert in Long Beach in California in the 90s. Miller was a professional musician who had been hired for the night to perform with Burnett’s group. They hit it off immediately and started dating soon after.

Burnett married Miller in November 2001, after dating for several years. The ceremony was held at the Californian home of Burnett and Miller, where they exchanged vows in front family and close friends. Miller was 45 years old and Burnett, 68.

The couple has been married for two decades despite the age gap. In their interviews and public appearances they share a strong bond. Burnett often speaks about how Miller brings out the best of her. In an interview she gave to People magazine, Burnett said that Miller is a “really good guy”. He is kind, funny, intelligent, and a nice guy.

Who was Carol Burnett’s husband?

Brian Miller, Carol Burnett’s talented husband, has made himself a name in the music business. Miller is the principal drummer at Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. This orchestra is known worldwide for its top-notch musicians and performances.

According to the website of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra (, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra is made up of about 80 classically trained musicians who are amongst the best Los Angeles recording studio musicians. Los Angeles Philharmonic players and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra musicians do not overlap despite their amazing talent.

Miller was also the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s personnel manager. He was responsible for recruiting and managing the orchestra’s players. He also has experience as a music consultant for venues such as the Hollywood Bowl Theatre, and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Miller has had a varied career in the music business, working on various projects throughout the years. He has been involved with numerous recordings, concerts, film and television scores, as well as his work with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Carol Burnett met Miller through his musical talent. Miller met Burnett in the 1990s while playing music at Burnett’s show in Long Beach. Since then, they have been inseparable and married in 2001.

Carol Burnett Children

Carol Burnett has three daughters. Carrie Hamilton is the firstborn. Jody Hamilton and Erin Hamilton are her other two. Carrie Hamilton is her firstborn and she followed her mother in pursuing a career as an entertainer. She was a talented singer and appeared on some of the hottest 1990s shows such as Fame and The X-Files.

She also wrote Hollywood Arms (a dramedy that was inspired by Carol’s real life). Carrie died at 38 in 2002 due to complications from lung cancer and pneumonia. Jody Hamilton, Carol’s and Joe’s second child, is also a showbiz professional and produced Carol Burnett Show Stoppers (2001), a television special by her mother.

She has dabbled in acting, and she co-hosts the political and pop culture podcast From the Bunker. Jody married Lonny Paul in September 2018. Erin Hamilton became a dance pop singer after Carol’s youngest girl, Erin Hamilton took up the musical side.

She performed with Whitney Houston and Bette Midler in 1999 and released One World as her debut. Erin has two children, Zachary Carlson and Dylan West. Carol Miller and her husband Brian Miller have filed a temporary guardianship application for Dylan in August 2020. Unfortunately, Erin has had substance abuse problems, similar to her older sister Carrie.

The guardianship does not deny Dylan or his parents the right to visitation. Carol stated that Erin has “suffered severe addiction and substance abuse issues” all Dylan’s life. As a result, Dylan lives an “unstable” and “unpredictable” life.

Who was Carol Burnett’s husband?

Burnett has been married three separate times. In 1955, Burnett married Don Saroyan. They divorced in 1962. In the same, she married Joe Hamilton a TV producer with whom had three daughters, Carrie Jody Erin. After 21 years, however, their marriage ended in the year 1984.

Burnett was divorced from Hamilton for several years, and then met Brian Miller during the 1990s. Miller is a musician as well as a contractor. They met in Long Beach where Burnett had a show. The couple began dating almost immediately.

Burnett married Miller in November 2001, after dating for several years. Burnett, in an interview for PBS’ American Masters from 2007, spoke about her relationship to Miller. She stated that they were in a great relationship and that it was a blessing that she had him in her lifetime. She expressed her gratitude towards her friends who accepted Miller, and for how he welcomed them all.

Burnett, who has been married twice, is close with her daughters and they are supportive of the relationships she maintains. She is also active in her career. Her most recent project was the Netflix series, “A Little Help with Carol Burnett,” that premiered in 2018.

Carol Burnett Ex Husband

Burnett was married two times, both marriages ending in divorce. Carol Burnett had two ex-husbands. Here’s what you need to learn about them.

Don Saroyan is an actor who was Carol Burnett’s first husband. The couple got married in 1955 but split up in 1962. Saroyan, born in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 4th, 1928. He starred in a number of films and television series, including Cuban Rebel Girls (Blast of Silence), Rowan & Martins Laugh-In (72-73), Airwolf (1986), Rowan & Martins Laugh-In. Unfortunately, he died in Los Angeles on November 24 1990 at the age of just 62.

Carol Burnett was divorced from Don Saroyan and married Joe Hamilton in the year 1963. Hamilton was an actor and television producer. He is most famous for producing The Carol Burnett Show from 1967 until 1978. Hamilton also produced TV specials Julie and Carol, at Lincoln Center in 1971 and Sills and Burnnett at the Met in 1976 and the television film Once Upon a Mattress from 1972. Carol Burnett and Joe Hamilton shared three children, Carrie Jody Erin.

Carol Burnett and Joe Hamilton were married in 1984. Hamilton died in Los Angeles on June 9th, 1991 at the age 62 of cancer. Burnett, despite her divorces with both ex-husbands, has stated that she cherishes her memories and experiences.

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