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The latest news on the controversial question “Is Chris Watts alive or dead?” Our comprehensive guide will help you to discover the facts about Chris Watts and the rumors that surround his case.

Chris Watts: Who is Chris Watts

Online records show that Shanann Cathryn Watts from North Carolina and Christopher Lee Watts, originally from North Carolina met in 2010. They were married on November 3 2012 in Mecklenburg County. The couple have two daughters: Bella Marie Watts was born on December 17th, 2013, and Celeste Cathryn ‘CeCe’ Watts on July 17th, 2015. Both girls died tragically on August 13th, 2018 at the ages of 3, and 4, respectively. Shanann died at 15 weeks pregnant with Nico, her son.

The Watts Family lived in a five-bedroom home located at 2825 Saratoga Trail Frederick, Colorado. It was a house they purchased in 2013. In 2015, however, the situation changed and the Watts family filed for bankruptcy. Christopher worked at Anadarko Petroleum. Shanann was a home-based sales representative for a Multi-Level Marketing company named Le-Vel. She sold a product called Thrive.

Chris Watts: Is he dead or alive?

Chris Watts has been alive for a long time and is currently serving a prison sentence. He is currently serving five life terms and an extra 84 years in prison for other crimes that he committed. His crime was the triple killing of his wife who was pregnant and two young girls in Colorado, in 2018. He is currently in a maximum security jail in Wisconsin. There, he will spend the rest of his days without parole. Chris Watts admitted to all nine charges against him in exchange for the district attorney eliminating the death penalty. He is now 35 and writes letters to his mom, while two other women claim that they visit him in jail.

Anna Nowak Chris Watts

Anna Nowak from Wisconsin is Chris Watts’ prison girlfriend. Recent reports stated that Nowak visited Watts 30 times or more in 2019. In April of the same year she was expelled from the prison after exceeding the daily visitation limit.

Nowak revealed their relationship to the HLN Lies, Crimes, & Video docuseries. She even blamed Watts mistress, Nichol, Kessinger, the murders. Nowak, in her first letter sent to Watts wrote that God had forgiven her and that she didn’t dislike him.

Reddit users believe that Nowak could have ulterior motives when she sought out Watts. She “liked’ multiple Chris Watts Facebook Pages. According to one user, she met Watts’ sister Jamie through one of the groups and that her husband was also in the same facility as Watts. Reddit user revealed that Nowak who was severely injured after driving drunk and crashing into her car, might see the similarities between Watts and Nowak: that both “destroyed” their lives by their own actions.

How much time is Chris Watts going to be in jail?

Chris Watts has been sentenced to multiple life terms without parole for the murders committed by his wife Shanann Watts as well as their two daughters Bella, and Celeste. He pleaded to nine counts, including three of first-degree homicide and unlawful termination.

Watts was sentenced on November 19th, 2018 to life imprisonment after entering into a plea bargain in which all of the charges against him were accepted. He is currently being held at the Dodge Correctional Institution located in Waupun Wisconsin where he will spend the rest of his days.

Watts’ sentencing may differ depending upon the jurisdiction or state laws. In this particular case, Watts received the most severe sentence possible for his crimes.

How did Chris Watts murder his children?

Christopher Lee Watts was an American oilfield worker who committed a horrific crime in August 2018 at Frederick, Colorado. He strangled Shanann, his 34-year old pregnant wife and their two young girls, Bella (4 years) and Celeste (3 years), and smothered them. Watts buried Shanann, his pregnant wife, in a shallow pit near an oil-storage site and threw the bodies of his two daughters into crude oil tank. At first, Watts denied having any involvement with his family’s disappearance. In an interview with detectives he confessed to killing Shanann. He was then arrested on 15 August. Later, he confessed that he had murdered his children.

As part of an agreement reached in November 2018, Watts admitted to several counts of first-degree homicide. As the death penalty will be abolished by Colorado in 2020, this was removed from Watts’ sentencing. He was sentenced five life sentences with no parole. Three of them are to be served in succession. Chris Watts’ life will be spent in prison.

Does Chris Watts Feel Resentment?

Chris Watts, a man who appeared to love his family, was dating Nichol Kesselinger, a co-worker since June 2018. Shannan was pregnant at the time with Niko, their first child. Chris confessed in an interview with Cherlyn Cadle, a novelist, that he had daydreamed of killing Shanann. Chris had Nichol to dinner on August 9, 2018. He silently planned to kill his wife and kids.

Four days later he implemented his plan. He used a pillow on his four-year old daughter Bella. After Celeste, he did the same in her room. After killing his daughters, he returned to bed with Celeste and strangled to death.

Bella awoke and Cece did too after Shanann passed. Bella had bruised eyes, and the girls both looked traumatized. Chris then wrapped his wife in a bed sheet and placed her in his car, while his daughters were terrified.

He dropped Shannan’s corpse first at the oil company, where he was employed. She landed on her face and gave birth in part to the child she was carrying. Unfortunately, this baby boy did not survive. Chris then smothered Celeste, dumping her into an oil-tank. He then turned back to his oldest child, Bella. Bella begged him to not kill her. But he did, and dropped her into an oil tank.

Chris has even given press interviews, asking his family to return home. He claimed that he did not know where they are. But he failed the polygraph and pleaded to murder. In his confession he stated, “That is the last time that I will be tucking into my babies.” I knew it would happen, but did nothing about it. The only thing I could think of was that I was finally free to spend time with Nikki. My feelings of love were overwhelming me. I felt no remorse.”

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