Is Ciciyos Legit {August 2022} It Is Really Website Scam Or Legit?

Is Ciciyos Legit? The seller offers a stunning selection of women’s dresses. The question is: are the website safe for customers? Check out the blog and be aware.

Have you run out of stocks of dress for a party? If you’ve got an invitation to a party, but you’re scared to attend due to the absence of party attire that you can look over this article as this article will give you the details of the website for women’s dresses for parties.

The Ciciyos online shop offers a vast assortment of women’s formal collection of dresses for worldwide buyers. However, Is Ciciyos Legit? Find out more in this article.

The determination of the Ciciyos website’s legitimacy:

The analysis of legitimacy is crucial as it allows you to determine the legitimacy of any site that is not known. If the site is able to meet all the requirements for credibility, the website is considered to be legitimate On the other hand in the event that the website does not meet the requirements and is not legitimate, it may be suspect or even fraudulent. Therefore, a thorough review of these metrics is essential for anyone who’s about to test an unfamiliar website to determine whether they’re safe or not. safe zone or not.

  • Reviews: Availability of Ciciyos Reviews.
  • Address Verification: It is not clear the exact location of the headquarter isn’t provided.
  • Rating of Trust: This is abysmal with only 2 percent.
  • The Skipped Page: There are 107 pages skipped.
  • Plagiarism Copyright: 64% duplicate content and 33% of common content.
  • Date of Establishment Enlistment Date: The date of enrollment is the 22nd of June in 2022.
  • Not enough Information: number of cancellation, address and process.
  • Payment Modes: Several.
  • Alexa Rank: 916605
  • Social Network: The details of its social media profile are not known.
  • Broken Hyperlinks: The presence of two hyperlinks.
  • Details about the Owner of Property: name of the owner is not known.
  • Domain:

The site’s age is about 2 months and its trust index is low. Additional details are provided below.

What exactly is Ciciyos website?

Is Ciciyos Legit? The store offers tempting selections of dresses for parties for women in Hot Sale deals. The buyers receive a 5 percent discount on their first purchase. The interface is elegantly designed with a section that shows a selection of the collection with a clickable index. Apart from the collection of party wear The site also offers Tops, Jumpsuits, and accessories for women.

The collections are visible when you scroll through the menu’s top-most menu. The menu header can also include Dress and can be divided into various categories such as Mini Dresses and Irregular Dresses or Evening Dresses and more. Additionally, the page on the garment contains color and size options along with a brief description of size guidelines, and images.

Following Ciciyos Review, Specifications, and reviews:

  • Comments: The presence of several comments within the site.
  • Headquarter Address Corporate Address: The address for its corporate headquarters hasn’t been released as of this moment.
  • Corporate E-mail:
  • Corporate Phone Number This number is not in use but live chat is in operation.
  • Refund Policy for Cancellation: A policy on cancellation is not stated on the site.
  • Shipping policy: The shop requires that they provide services to worldwide customers. The time frame for their delivery is generally between 10 and 25 days.
  • Exchange Policy: An process of exchange is now available, however, to do this to work, you must send them to us.
  • Does Ciciyos Legit: The specifics are not yet known.
  • Transport Fees transport costs are zero when you purchase products which cost more than $79. However, the standard shipping cost information is not available.
  • Refund Method: The refund is due between 10 and 14 days.
  • Return Method: It takes only 2 weeks to make use from the policy on returns.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, etc.


  • A wide selection of stunning accessories and dresses are on sale for women.
  • Discount on the first purchase.


  • The score was low Alexa score.
  • Reviews are not available on all platforms.
  • Inadequate connection to social media.
  • The address and number aren’t there.

Reviews of customers on “Is Ciciyos a legitimate company”:

In this short period the website has earned numerous comments and ratings on its pages of products. These reviews are 100% positive. Customers have stated the fact that they feel that the clothes are made well and stunning. Additionally, customers have stated that it could be an ideal present for someone else.

But, the website does not have a connection to social networks, and the details are available on search engines. Therefore, relying on these reviews could be risky since they could be paid for or fraudulent. Also, make sure you read the procedure for getting refunds from PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The store has reviews however, its trust score is not very good. In addition, there is no connection to social media No address details or reviews from other sites raise concerns. So, Is Ciciyos Legit? It’s a new site and therefore, customers must wait until the company expands its brand name to the marketplace. Also, make sure to follow the steps for getting refunds for debit cards. Are you satisfied with this article? Include it in your review section.

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