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Is Darlie still alive? Find out more about the case of Darlieroutier, a woman who was convicted of murdering her two young children in 1996.

Darlie Rutier: Is she still alive?

Darlie Routier still lives. She is currently 52 and on death row at Mountain View Unit, Gatesville in Texas. She’s been there since 1997 after she was convicted for murdering her sons Devon, and Damon. Routier has always maintained that she is innocent and claims that the boys’ deaths were caused by an intruder. Her lawyers continue their appeal of her sentence.

ABC aired in 2019 a documentary that was split into two parts about Routier’s case, as part its 20/20 magazine. The documentary raised more questions and renewed the call for Routier to be released. Routier is the subject of a controversial case, and it is not clear whether she is guilty. A growing number of people believe she was wrongfully convicted and is innocent.

Darlie Rutier Silly string Case

The “silly strings case” is a reference to the use of silly thread at the grave of Darlie’s two young boys, Devon and Damon. They were murdered in 1997. Routier has always maintained that she is innocent. She was convicted and sentenced for their murders. Routier held Devon’s Birthday Party at Devon’s grave on the 8th day after his murder. There were balloons and silly string. It was considered inappropriate behavior by some, and this evidence was used to convict Routier.

The prosecution argued Routier’s use of silly thread was evidence of guilt. They claimed that her use of silly strings showed that she wasn’t grieving for the death of her sons, but was celebrating it. Defense argued Routier’s use silly string as a way to cope with grief after losing her children. They claimed that it was just a way to show love and affection for them, not that she enjoyed their deaths.

The jury convicted Routier of murder and sentenced her death. Routier remains controversial, but many believe she is innocent.

The documentary raised more questions and renewed the call for Routier’s freedom. Routier’s case is complex and there isn’t a consensus as to whether or not she is guilty. A growing number of people believe she was wrongly convicted and is innocent.

Darlie Routier Innocent

Darlie Routier was an American woman convicted of murdering her five-year old son Damon and sentenced in 1996 to death. She is also accused of capital murder for her six-yearold son Devon who was murdered in 1996 at the exact same time Damon. Routier has never been charged with Devon’s murder. Routier, since her arrest, has maintained an innocence.

She claims she was asleep when an intruder attacked her and two of her sons. She claims she fought the intruder but he fled before she got a good look. The prosecution argued Routier staged a crime scene so that it appeared as though an intruder assaulted her and her children. They pointed out that Routier’s injuries did not match those of someone involved in a struggle, and that there were no signs of forced entry.

The jury found Routier responsible for Damon’s death and sentenced Routier to death. Since 1997, Routier has been waiting for her death. Routier’s situation is very controversial. Many people still believe she is innocent and have tried to get her conviction thrown out. The courts, however, have upheld the conviction.

Darlie Routier DNA Results 2023

Darlie Routier has not had any new DNA results published as of May 2023. Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, in 2021, ordered new testing of evidence collected from crime scenes. The results have not been released. Routier’s lawyers have criticized DA’s office for not releasing results from the new DNA tests.

They also stated that they believed the results of the DNA testing would exonerate Routier. The DA’s office hasn’t commented on Routier’s claim of innocence or the status of new DNA testing. Darlie Routier’s case is complex and no one is sure if she is innocent or not. New DNA testing may provide much-needed clarification, but the results are not yet available.

Darlie Routier Update

Darlie Routier is still on death row at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas. She is still in death row at Mountain View Unit near Gatesville, Texas. Her lawyers continue to challenge her conviction, however, so far they have failed. Routier is fighting for her release for more than 25 years. She has maintained innocence ever since she was arrested. A large number of people believe she was wrongly charged.

ABC aired two parts of a documentary on Routier as part its 20/20 magazine in 2019. The documentary raised many new questions and renewed the public’s interest in Routier’s case. Routier may never be exonerated. But she’s vowed never to give up.

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