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David Harper Married David Harper is an antiquarian and television personality who is well-known for his appearances on a variety of antique and collectible-themed TV shows. He was born and raised in England. Over the years, he has earned a reputation as an expert in the antiques field. People wanted to know: Is David Harper married? Continue reading the article until the end to find out more about David Harper Wiki. Age, Biography and Height. Net Worth. Wife.

Has David Harper Married?

David Harper, an antique collector and TV personality is Wendy Harper’s husband. Unfortunately, very little information is available about Wendy Harper. She has kept her profile low and doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated solely to her. To provide an exhaustive profile of Wendy, however, we have attempted to collect all the information that is available.

Wendy, despite being married to a well known public figure, hasn’t revealed much about her life and prefers to keep it private. This has made many of her followers and fans curious about her history and background.

David and Wendy married in 1997. Their dating history, including the date they met, is not available. The couple has not spoken out about their personal lives.

David Harper Wiki

David Harper is an antique fan and television personality best known for his appearances at various shows that focus on antiques and collectibles. He was born in England, and has built a strong reputation as an expert in the antiques field.

David has appeared on many television programs including “Bargain Hunt”, “Antiques Road Trip” and “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth It Is.” He is well-known for his passion and keen knowledge of antiques, and his ability find hidden treasures.

David is not only a television personality, but he is also an author who has written many books on collecting and antiques. He is well-respected in the antiques sector and is a frequent speaker at exhibitions and events.

David’s personal life is unknown, aside from his professional life. He is married with Wendy Harper. The couple have been together for many decades, but little information has been released about their relationship.

David Harper is an industry leader in antiques and collectibles. He is well-known for his passion and expertise. Through his many television appearances and written works, Harper is a respected leader in his field.

David Harper, Age

Age is a characteristic that can be used to define people. People are curious to find out their age through social media. His age is currently 61.

David Harper Family

David Harper is not revealing much about his personal life so information about him and his family is limited. While he is married to Wendy Harper, the couple have been together many years. However, the public has not been provided with any details about their relationship and family life.

David, a private individual has chosen to keep his personal life and family secrets separate from his public image. He has not disclosed any information about his siblings, parents, or other relatives.

While we know that David is married with Wendy Harper, very little information is available about his family. Because he is sensitive to his privacy, it’s likely that he will keep his family private and not reveal any details to the public.

David Harper Wife & Daughter

Wendy Harper is in a committed marriage and is proud to be a member of a family. David Harper, her husband, is also her spouse. Together they have created a unit called a family. Hello Magazine says Wendy is married to David Harper, their daughter Henrietta, and that they have three children. This information suggests that Wendy is married to David and have at least one child. Their daughter Henrietta.

As reported by Hello Magazine, Wendy Harper has a husband and a daughter, Henrietta.

David Harper Height

David Harper has a great body and is fit. He takes good care of his physical health. Healthy foods increase life expectancy and are essential to a healthy lifestyle. David Harper stands 5 Feet 11 inches tall according to several sources.

David Harper Net worth

Your net worth can determine the success or failure of an individual. People are interested in knowing more about celebrities or stars’ net worth. David Harper’s Net worth, according to different sources, is approximately $100 Million as of 2023.

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