Is Dean Lewis Dad Still Alive Know All Details Here!

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney, Australian pop singer/songwriter, was born on 21 Oct 1987. He is most well-known for his 2016 single “Waves”, which has been certified 7x platinum in Australia in 2019. We will be discussing the following: Is Dean Lewis Dad Still Living? and What Happened to Dean Lewis Dad.

Dean Lewis’ Dad is Still Alive!

A few facts about Dean Lewis’s Dad may help readers to make a decision about whether Dean Lewis is still living or dead. It is not clear if Dean Lewis’s dad is alive or dead. Dean Lewis’s dad is still alive, but doctors believe he will be around for a year or less after he was diagnosed in 2022 with the deadly form of cancer.

Fans, including Dean Lewis’s loved ones, are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Mr. Grant Loaney. It’s a terrible and sad news for the Loaney family. “Be alright!” was flooded across the United States and Australia as well as the United Kingdom and other countries, including social networks.

Dean Lewis Dad, What Has Happened?

Dean Lewis’s dad, Mr. Grant Loaney had a terminal cancer diagnosis in the year 2022. According to all information, he may have one more year to live. But, we don’t know if Mr. Loaney is in good health or not as of 2023. It is important to protect privacy and not speculate on someone’s health condition without proper confirmation.

Dean Lewis’s Father Cancer

After hearing that his dad had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), Dean created his latest single, “How Do I Say Goodbye.” He was given a 25% chance of survival for at least one year, and his family couldn’t believe the possibility of losing their closest loved one to cancer. His dad is currently in remission. Unfortunately, very little information is available regarding Dean Lewis’s father and his battle with cancer. But, it is well-known that Dean’s new song “Goodbye”, which was written in response to his father’s battle against the disease, was inspired by this. It is a song that pays tribute to life and death. Many people have been touched by the song. Details about Mr. Grant Loaney’s cancer diagnosis, prognosis and any updates on his current health are not public. It is important that privacy be respected in such matters.

Who’s Dean Lewis’s Father?

According to the report by ghpluzz it was revealed that Dean Lewis’s father is Grant Loaney. We now have some information about Dean Lewis’s father. The next question that comes to mind is about his mother. It’s a mistake to talk about the father while omitting the mother’s identity. We didn’t find Dean Lewis’s mother name. We’ll update our websites as soon as we receive more details.

Who’s Dean Lewis?

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney was a popular Australian pop singer and songwriter. He was born on 21 Oct 1987. Dean Lewis is well-known for his single “Waves”, a 2016 track that was certified 7x platinum in Australia. His 2018 single “Be Alright” reached number one in Australia after only four weeks. The song was also certified platinum in Australia. Dean Lewis released his debut album, A Place We Understood (2019), and his second, The Hardest Love (2022).

Dean Lewis Bio

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney was a popular Australian singer-songwriter. He was born 21 Oct 1987.

NameDean Lewis
ProfessionAustralian pop singer and songwriter
FatherGrant Loaney
MotherNot known
Dean Lewis NationalityAustralian
Date of birth21 October 1987
Age35 years

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