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Is Drea in Manifest Pregnant? Find out the latest news about Drea’s possible pregnancy and whether she has a child with Jared in this article.

Drea Season 4: Part 2 Secret –

Manifest Season 4 Part 2 is here, bringing with it major changes since the midseason final in November 2022. Flight 828 passengers are placed in lockdown with only nine months until their predicted deaths. The personal relationships of characters have changed along with the plot development. A notable change is the dynamic between Jared Ramirez (JR Ramirez), and Drea Tamaki (Ellen Tamaki), that will intrigue viewers.

Michaela Roxburgh (Melissa Roxburgh), Jared’s girlfriend, had been supporting Jared and Drea romantically. In Season 4, episode 11, which occurs eight months following Episode 10, it is revealed that the relationship between Jared and Drea has cooled. Drea says their relationship, in both their professional and personal lives, is too dependent. She emphasizes the need for independence and suggests an arrangement with “no strings”.

In the beginning, it may seem that they are good friends. In episode 15, however, an awkward exchange takes place, leading viewers to wonder if Drea could be pregnant. Manifest Season 4 Part 2 is a fascinating continuation of the story of Flight 828, with these unexpected and evolving relationships.

Is Drea Pregnant In Manifest?

Prepare to be captured by the fascinating twists of Drea’s story in Episode 16 of Season 4. Even though you may forget about her awkward text conversation with Jared or the awkward text she sent, Episode 17 brings it all back. This episode moves us eight-months ahead to May 2, 20,24, just a month before Death Date.

Drea is seen with her mother walking along the sidewalk, both of them carrying shopping bags. Drea is a former police officer who now owns a building adjacent to 828’s detention facility. Drea’s secret is even more incredible: she’s pregnant!

Drea’s motivation to purchase the dilapidated structure becomes apparent–it shares the same wall as the detention facility. She plans to execute a daring rescue plan, similar to “Shawshank Redemption,” in order for the passengers who are trapped inside. Jared, who was surprised to see her belly, asks: “Am I the Father?” Later, Cal and Jared are led by a Calling to Drea. Unfortunately, Drea’s response is cut short before she can finish.

In this fascinating episode, Drea’s choices will lead to a story filled with intrigue.

Is Drea pregnant with Jared’s baby Manifest?

Jared and Drea share an intimate moment in the middle of Episode 15. Drea reveals secrets as she reveals Jared to be the biological dad of her unborn baby. She also explains that Jared’s desire to parent is something entirely different.

Jared confides in Drea, who is driven by his lifelong desire to be a father. Michaela will always be his love, but Jared is excited at the prospect that he can become a dad and start his own family. Michaela, who is certain that Jared and Drea are co-parenting independently, supports Jared wholeheartedly. The realization that Jared might have been able to be with the mother of Jared’s child if it weren’t for Michaela becomes increasingly apparent as the episodes continue.


Manifest is an enthralling American drama series about supernatural events created by Jeff Rake. It premiered on NBC in September 2018. The plot revolves about the passengers and crew who, after five and half years of being declared dead, mysteriously return to life. This production features a talented ensemble including Melissa Roxburgh. Josh Dallas. Athena Karkanis. J. R. Ramirez. Luna Blaise. Jack Messina. Parveen K. Kaur. Matt Long. Holly Taylor. Daryl Edwards. and Ty Doran.

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