Is Eddie Ray Routh Still Alive Know All Information!

Are Eddie Ray Routh still alive and where is he? This man shook the world with his murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield in 2013. But what do you think Eddie Ray Routh doing in 2023?

Who is Eddie Ray Routh?

Eddie Ray Routh was born on September 30, 1987 in Lancaster, Texas, United States and was the son of Raymond Ray Routh Sr. and Jodi Routh. He was raised alongside his sibling, Laura Bess Routh, and, after graduating from his high school education, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. The year 2007 saw him transferred to a station near Baghdad and was there to work as a prison guard. He also fixed weapons. Then, he was part of an aid mission in Haiti. After seven years of service, Routh was discharged from the Marine Corps in July 2011.

On February 2nd 2013 the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield was carried out at a range in Chalk Mountain, Texas. Kyle was an ex- Navy SEAL, along with his close friend Littlefield were killed by Routh who was just 25 at the time, and had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. The shooting attracted national attention because of Kyle’s status as a celebrity author of the best-selling autobiography American Sniper, published in 2012.

Eddie Ray Routh suffered from PTSD following having been discharged from Marine Corps in 2011. He first went in Iraq the year 2007 before he then was on the USS Bataan for seven months in the Middle East. Routh was then stationed for 4 months living in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010 in which he was enraged by the job of removing and burying hundreds of dead bodies.

When he returned home, Routh found it challenging to adapt to life in a civilian environment and was plagued by mental health issues and work. Routh discovered he had PTSD two years prior to the murders in 2013, during an inpatient stay within the Dallas Veterans Administration hospital. Routh was prescribed powerful medications to treat his condition, however Routh was also taking self-medicated medications with alcohol and marijuana, which contributed to his depressive condition.

After a string of delusional episodes as well as hospitals, Routh was improving and he moved into the home of his girlfriend, Jennifer Weed. But, in one episode, he held Weed along with her roommate using the use of a knife, which led to his return into the Veterans hospital.

Although he was diagnosed PTSD and given antipsychotic as well as anti-anxiety medication, Routh refused treatment at the hospital and stopped using medications after she was released. The information comes from Tuko News.

Is Eddie Ray Routh Still Alive?

Sure, Eddie Ray is still alive. Routh has been found to be guilty in the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Routh continues to serve his time in the Ramsey I Unit in Anderson County, Texas, not at the Louis C. Powledge Unit.

The Louis C. Powledge Unit is a prison for males situated within Anderson County, Texas. It is run under the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since it was opened in July 1982. According to the facility can house up to 816 inmates within the main facility and 321 people in the Trusty Camp. The most notable prisoners there include Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and who was found guilty of aggravated criminal charges.

Other former prisoners included Texas hip-hop artist Carlos Coy, who was sentenced to prison for aggravated assault of a child. Royce Zeigler, who was sentenced to death for the murder of two-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers. The prison also houses Terry Hornbuckle, a former pastor at the Arlington, TX church who was found guilty of committing crimes against women within his church.

Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty by an unbiased jury for the murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. The jury ruled that Routh’s actions weren’t justified as he is the one responsible to the murders of Kyle and Littlefield. According to legal guidelines, he is entitled to be put in prison for the crime he committed.

What Happened to Eddie Ray Routh?

On February 2nd of 2013 the world was stunned by a shooting close to Chalk Mountain in Texas. The culprit is none other the Eddie Ray Routh, who killed Chris Kyle. Kyle was a former military veteran, was known for helping veterans deal with mental health issues.

The day of the tragedy Eddie’s mother contacted Kyle for assistance with managing her son’s issues. Kyle along with his friend, Chad Littlefield, invited Eddie to accompany them on the remote shooting range in the Rough Creek Lodge and Resort situated in the southwest region of Dallas.

They carried a range of ammunition and weapons. When they got to the area, Routh turned on them and fired and left Kyle and Littlefield without the chance for defense. Littlefield was struck seven times on various parts of his body, whereas Kyle was hit six times. Following being shot, Routh drove Kyle’s pickup truck to the home he was staying in, Lancaster, Texas.

When this incident Routh experienced extreme anxiety and believed Kyle Littlefield and Kyle Littlefield had plans to kill him because they had allegedly ignored him during the trip towards the range. Routh later admitted to shooting Kyle and Littlefield at least 13 times.

When the case was brought to the court, the defense lawyers of Routh filed the plea of not guilty due to insaneness. However the psychologists who presented evidence in court said the following: Routh wasn’t legally insane, but was suffering from a paranoid condition which was further aggravated by his addiction to cannabis and alcohol.

Why Did Eddie Ray Routh Kill Kyle?

Eddie Ray Routh killed Chris Kyle due to his serious mental health problems. Routh suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) after his service in the military and was also a user of alcohol and drugs. The day before the shooting, his mother had requested Kyle to assist her son who was struggling and they walked to a shooting facility together.

But, Routh turned on Kyle and his companion Chad Littlefield, shooting them numerous times and then taking their lives. Routh stated that he believed that they were about murder him however it was later found to be due to his paranoid disorder, exacerbated by alcohol and drug use.

Following the murder of her husband in 2013 by Eddie Routh in 2013, Taya Kyle has been an contributor on Fox News and resides in Texas. She has been giving talks about issues relevant to her husband’s military service with the U.S. Navy and the issues confronted by veterans.

Taya has been a vocal advocate for families and widows who have lost loved ones during service. She has written a book about her experience entitled “American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal” that explains the way she dealt with Chris’s death. They had 2 kids in common, Colton Kyle and McKenna Kyle.

Eddie Ray Routh Trial

On February 2 in 2013, Eddie Ray Routh was arraigned on two charges of capital murder. He was detained within the Erath County Jail on a $3 million bond. The trial was originally scheduled to start the 5th of May, 2014. however the trial was delayed in order to permit additional DNA tests.

The trial began February 11 of 2015. Routh’s defense team claimed Routh was insane at period of murder however, prosecution expert Randall Price, a forensic psychologist, believed that Routh was not suffering from schizophrenia but instead, suffered from a paranoid disorder that was aggravated by alcohol abuse.

Doctor. Michael Arambula, another expert witness, has also said that he was not convinced Routh was insane at the time of the murders, but that he was drunk. On February 24, 2015 Routh has been found to be guilty for killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. It took the jury less than 3 hours of deliberation and came to an guilty verdict.

The judge in the trial, Jason Cashon, immediately sentenced Routh to life in prison without parole. Routh is in jail in the Ramsey Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Brazoria County, Texas.

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