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Is Gloria Hunniford Ill?

Gloria Hunniford, the beloved journalist and presenter on TV She recently spoke out about her health issues. People who watch the popular ITV daytime program, Loose Women, were in a state of anxiety when the 81-year old abruptly stopped working on the show. In an interview recently, Gloria revealed that she was suffering kidney stones that resulted in complications that required medical care.

After having surgery to insert an stent for kidneys, Gloria was informed by her physician that she would be able to recover quickly. After three weeks of pain Gloria did not feel as herself. The veteran journalist and presenter have enjoyed a lengthy and lucrative profession in the media field that spans many years.

In spite of her age Gloria is well-known for her energy and enthusiasm. This is the reason why people were a bit worried about her absence on the TV show. But, her recent interview has assured fans that she’s in the process of recovering and she’s even claimed that her illness has made her feel a greater gratitude for the NHS.

Gloria’s candor about her health issues is an example of the importance to take good care of our bodies regardless of age. Although she’s in her 80s, Gloria has always been an advocate of having a full life and her tenacity to fight illnesses is an example of her determination and spirit. We hope she recovers quickly and are looking forward to seeing her on our screens in the near future.

What Happened to Gloria Hunniford?

Journalist and TV presenter, Gloria Hunniford, has returned with a vengeance to Loose Women after being hospitalised because of sepsis as well as kidney stones. Gloria, 81, spoke out about her health concerns and revealed she was taken to A&E following a blood pressure drop. fell to a potentially dangerously low level of 73.

Gloria said that she’d contracted sepsis in her kidneys as well as a chest infection that needed urgent medical care. Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening illness and can result in organ failure if not addressed promptly. But, Gloria received swift treatment and fully recovered.

Gloria’s illness was especially severe and required emergency medical treatment to ensure her security. Despite a recent health issues, Gloria looked as radiant as ever when she returned on at the Loose Women panels. The actress wore an eye-catching lime green blazer with turquoise lapels, as well as an over-sized silver necklace, that was adorned with an enormous insect-shaped pendant. Her signature blonde hairstyle brought the glamour the outfit.

Gloria’s healing is a proof of her perseverance and determination. Gloria is always a proponent of living life to the maximum, and her latest health issue is an example about the need to be taking proper care of your body. We wish her health and well-being and hope to see her on the screens again.

Gloria Hunniford Husband

Gloria was married twice, the first time in the year 2000 to Don Keating, with whom she had two children: Caron Michael and Caron. Michael. Tragically, Caron passed away from breast cancer in 2004 aged 41. Gloria has since been an advocate for Breast Cancer Care, and has tirelessly worked to increase awareness of the condition.

After she divorced of Don, Gloria went on to get married to the hairdresser Stephen Way in 1998. They have been happily married since then as well Stephen is a constant presence throughout Gloria’s professional career. A recent interview Gloria talked about the importance of having a spouse who can understand what she needs from her work and also the ways in which Stephen was always an example of strength and motivation.

Although she’s in her eighties, Gloria shows no signs of slowing down and her career goes from upwards. Gloria is a adored person in the entertainment industry and her fans are certain to be thrilled to hear that she’s found love and happiness with her husband Stephen Way.

How Old is Gloria Hunniford Today?

Gloria Hunniford is a well-known presenter on radio and television, well-known for her warm charisma and engaging style of presentation. Born on the 10th of April 1940, she’s currently aged 83. Hunniford started his career as a continuity announcement announcer in the late 1970s at the BBC before advancing to host a variety of well-known television programs. Her most well-known work is for her role on the talk show daytime Loose Women, which she was co-hosting for 14 years between 2003 and 2017.

Alongside her television work, Hunniford has also had a successful radio career. She has hosted a variety of programs that air on BBC Radio 2 and was given the OBE for her contributions to broadcasting in the year 2017. Even at her ripe old age Hunniford has not shown any signs of slowing. She continues to be active on radio and television, and is a well-known person both in and off the screen.

In addition to her job, Hunniford is a committed activist for many charitable causes. She has spent a lot of time working with cancer charities to honor their daughter Caron Keating who passed away of breast cancer back in the year 2004.

Gloria Hunniford is currently 83 years old, and is a well-known and active person within the realm of radio and television. Her charming personality and dedication to charity has been a popular figure for many. She continues to entertain and inspire audiences across the globe.

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