Is Grand P Still Alive Know Bio Details!

Grand P Is Still Alive Grand P is a Guinean actor and musician. He has also acted as a social media personality in several movies, including “Assassinee” (Conakry Kasali na Koli). However, many of his fans wonder if Grand P is still around. In the following article, we will examine whether Grand P is still around.

Grand P is Still Alive?

Grand P is a Guinean actor. He is also a musician and social media person. He also starred in “Assassinee” as well as “Conakry, Kasali na Koli”. Grand P is not without criticism, especially in relation to his personal life. But, many of his fans want to know if Grand P is still living. Let’s take a look at the subject.

Gran P is still alive, according to verified sources like Briefly and TukoGrand P. A post was posted on Instagram by Gran P seven days ago. No sign has been found that he is dead. On February 12, he posted an Instagram photo captioning “Merci beaucoup Mon frere Fally Ipupa.” The statement reads, “Thank you for your brother Fally’s CD.” Grand P was still alive in 2023.

Who Is Grand P?

Grand P is a Guinean actor and musician. His real name is Moussa Siana Kaba. He is a renowned social media star for his music and entertaining videos, as well as his roles in many movies. He is well known for his positive attitude as well as his determination to achieve his goals despite all the challenges he may face. Grand P has pursued a career as a musician, in addition to being active on social media. He has released many songs and music videos including “La Guinee Wo”, and “Bouger Les Cotes”. He is a frequent collaborator with other Guinean artists. His music is known for its catchy beats as well as uplifting messages.

Grand P, despite the many challenges he faced, remains an inspiring figure for many people in Guinea as well as elsewhere. He said that he wants to keep pursuing his dreams, and to use his platform for spreading positivity and joy.

What Ever Happened to Grand P?

Grand P is not currently in good health. His Instagram account confirms that he appears to have no health issues. After his reconciliation with Eudoxie, however, Grand P disappeared from social media on August 2021. According to reports, he had suffered from a hip injury and was currently in hospital. He later returned to the internet, but he did not address the matter.

Grand P was also born with a rare genetic disorder called Progeria. Progeria also known by Hutchinson Gilford syndrome progeria and can lead to premature ageing as well as a variety of health issues. He was diagnosed at an early age with progeria. This causes him to age quickly, and make it appear older than he actually is. He measures in at just 3’4″ and is approximately 40 lbs.

What’s Grand P Doing Now,

The singer is also the author of several songs. Kerfalla Kaante hosted a 2019 program that made him famous. Despite his physical challenges he is now a very popular social media figure, especially in Guinea, West Africa, and other countries. He has over 300,000. Facebook fans and more than 60,000 Instagram followers.

Grand P is one the most prominent figures in Guinea. He is known for his obnoxious views and singing talents. Leroi Emmy TV in 2021 called Grand P the “Billionaire Dw*rf.” He is a comedian, a guest spot, a musician, and many other activities that make him money. He is known for flaunting expensive cars, such as Ferraris or Range Rovers.

Grand Widow Name

Grand P was married to Eudoxie Yao. She is well-known for her curvaceous body and extensive social media following. Their engagement was canceled in the early 2021.

Their relationship was the subject of much media attention, both locally and internationally. Their relationship has been criticized by some, who suggested that Eudoxie Yano is only interested Grand P’s money and fame. Grand P as well as Eudoxie Yao have both defended their relationship, saying that they truly care about each other. It’s important to note that Grand P is not open about any new relationships he has had since his split with Eudoxie Yoo.

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