Is Gxtstore Scam Or Legit {Aug} This Is Website Legit Or Authentic? Info!

Get exclusive reviews not available elsewhere and find out If Gxtstore is Scam or Legit? Also, look over its reviews and features.

Are you in search of some great discounts on school supplies? Did you have the knowledge that was recently launched and offers over 50% off of clothing footwear, shoes, accessories and glasses? Are you interested in receiving free shipping on orders within the United States? But, prior to buying would you like to read about the reviews of Gxtstore?

Let’s look at Gxtstore’s features and services. Gxtstore to find out if Gxtstore is Gxtstore Scam , or Legit?

Is Gxtstore Legit?

  • Gxtstore Creation:7th August 2022 at 7:00:00.
  • Website Age: eighteen days old.
  • trust rate:Gxtstore gained a terrible TrustRank of 11 percent.
  • business ranking Gxtstore received a horrible 14% business rating.
  • DA Scoring: domain authority score of one.
  • Origin:Gxtstore was registered in the USA.
  • Gxtstore Expiry:7th August 2023 at 7:00:00.
  • Life expectancy of a website:expires within eleven months and 12 days.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 37%.
  • Threat Profile:77%.
  • Phishing Score:74%.
  • Malware Score:62%.
  • Spam Score:77%.
  • Gxtstore last updated on:8th August 2022 at 7:00.
  • Situation of BlacklistingGxtstore does not have a blacklist.
  • Gxtstore reviews on Connection SecurityGxtstore makes use of an authentic HTTPS protocol.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an active SSL certificate valid for the following 72 hours.
  • Contact Person:not mentioned on Gxtstore.
  • Social Relations:Gxtstore is not present on social media.
  • Owner’s Name and contact details:hidden by using internet censorship service from

Brief: operates as a consignment retailer that allows businesses to bring their products to auction on the site. Gxtstore concentrates on sneakers and streetwear making sure that every item is brand new and unworn. is a brand new commercial online store that was that was launched in August 2022. But, it’s misrepresented on the site it was created in the year 2018. What are the raises the Are Gxtstore Scam or Legit?

Gxtstore intends to offer items straight to the customers, at reasonable costs, such as quality athletic equipment. It also concentrates on prompt delivery of orders as well as the highest quality customer service. sells:

  • 120 kinds of accessories
  • 200 kinds of athletic shoes
  • But, contained hidden web pages that were related to glasses and clothing.


  • Buy school items at:
  • Social Media Linksunspecified via Gxtstore.
  • Cost:starts from $17.00
  • Physical Address:320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, USA. It is verified since it appears on maps.
  • phone (or) WhatsApp phone numbernot stated, any clues regarding Are Gxtstore Scam Or Legit?
  • Location of store Gxtstore offers only one location.
  • Email address:
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:not supported by Gxtstore.
  • The Terms and Conditions arenot found on Gxtstore.
  • delivery policy:Gxtstore can deliver your order within 9 days.
  • privacy policyMentioned however, plagiarism has been discovered.
  • Tracking: orders can be tracked at
  • Shipping Policies:Gxtstore takes three days to complete an order.
  • Restocking cost:unspecified on Gxtstore.
  • Refund policy:not mentioned on Gxtstore.
  • Cancellation Policy: Gxtstore does not support canceling orders.
  • Mode of Payment: via PayPal/Visa/JCB/Mastercard in US$ only.
  • Refund PolicyGxtstore didn’t mention the timeframe for returns.
  • NewslettersGxtstore allows newsletters.
  • Answers to FAQnot found on Gxtstore.

Pros determining Is Gxtstore Scam or Legit:

  • Free shipping is provided by for orders of more than $35
  • The site gives 50% off everything it sells
  • Images of the product and sizes are shown on the product pages
  • Gxtstore provides a vast selection of sports footwear, clothes and other accessories
  • Back-to school offers are on Gxtstore with special deals on bags, clothing for kids and shoes


  • Gxtstore did not contain the product’s descriptions or specifications.
  • It is difficult to contact customer support since the contact number is not listed.
  • Poor user interface of Gxtstore with no sorting or filtering options
  • Important policies, such as terms and conditions, refunds, and conditions aren’t in place.
  • The reward program’s links direct users to the homepage of Gxtstore

Customers Gxtstore Reviews :

More than 20 online reviews regarding suggest it’s possible to be a fraud. One YouTube review suggest similar. has a zero Alexa rating.

Review of the product is not listed on In the same way there are no reviews from users discovered in social networks, customer reviews sites, or the internet. Since accepts credit card transactions, please read about credit card fraud to stay clear of fraud.

Conclusion: is a new website with a very low lifespan. has a poor score on DA as well as trust, business, as well as an Alexa ranking. reviews suggest that it is an ad scam and are answered Are Gxtstore scam or Legit? There was no acknowledgement from the customer about receiving the package was posted on the web. We therefore do not recommend Gxtstore. since accepts PayPal payments.

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