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This article contains information about Henry Sandon’s current health, as well as recent news on his health. You can also find the most recent updates on Henry Sandon’s health. Henry Sandon, an English antiquarian expert and author who specializes in ceramics, is currently alive and well.

There have been recent concerns about his health among his fans, with some questioning if he is still breathing. Henry Sandon is alive and well as a 94-year-old man, according to the good news. It is true that he was injured after a fall at home over the past year. Mirror CELEBS reports that he had to be admitted at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in order to receive treatment. Henry Sandon was able to receive excellent medical treatment despite his age and weakness. He has made a full recovery. He is now in good physical condition and continues to share his expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Henry Sandon: What are you doing now?

Henry Sandon is a notable figure in the field of antiques and ceramics. His career has been long and distinguished. He was named curator of Dyson-Perrins Museum, Royal Worcester Factory, in 1967. He remained there until 1982. He became a regular Roadshow guest in 1979 and was a frequent participant for many decades. Sandon’s contribution to ceramics was the 1985 sale of a service. Sandon was asked to assist in the sale of the service, which was offered in twelve sets. Sandon was permitted to select one “spare plate” of each design as part of his involvement. This is the plate he chose.

Sandon decided to sell the remainder of his collection at the age of94. His collection was part of what he sold 40 years ago, when he became the director at the George Gardiner Museum in Toronto. Sandon is moving into a care center and has decided to sell his remaining collections.

Henry Sandon Son

Henry Sandon was married to Barbara Sandon for many years. Henry was only 28 when the couple married. John Sandon was born to them three years later. John Sandon, his father’s lover of ceramics, grew up in Worcester. He was a British expert in ceramics and glass, and prolific author. John is best remembered for his appearances as a guest on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow in 1985.

John Sandon left school when he was 16 and began work at Bonhams (formerly Phillips), a London auction house, in 1975. He quickly established himself to be a porcelain specialist. Since then, he has written 13 books on porcelain including the Shire guides to collecting British porcelain, Worcester porcelain, and Meissen. His Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain became the leading reference on the subject. John has also written for numerous magazines, further cementing the reputation of a leading authority on ceramics.

Henry Sandon, Age

Henry Sandon, an important figure in the worlds antiques and ceramics was born August 4, 1928 in London, England. He was 94 years old as of 2023. Sandon was honored by being voted Antiques Person of the Year by readers of BBC’s Homes & Antiques magazine in 2000. This is a testimony to his extensive knowledge and expertise within the field of ceramics and antiques.

He was also elected Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2008 for his outstanding contributions to broadcasting and the ceramics industry. The Henry Sandon Hall at Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester was named in his honor. He was also instrumental in the opening 2018 of the center to the arts.

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