Is Jenifer Lewis Scam Who is the Jennifer Lewis Boyfriend? 

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Are you familiar with scams? Do you want to learn more about this scam? Stay with us as we share important information. Today’s news is about a scam that involves a celebrity.

People in the United States are talking about it and want to learn more about Jenifer Lewis Scam. We will discuss the news and provide all details. Let’s now read the article.

What is Jenifer Lewis’ connection to scam?

Antonio Mariot Wilson, a 57 year-old Californian, who also used Dr. Tony Mariot’s alias and Brice Carrington, admitted to a serious fraud on Friday. He admitted that he had planned an internet dating scam which led to four women being defrauded, including Jenifer Lee of Blackish.

The con man encouraged women to invest over $400,000 in his businesses to pay off their debts and provide for his extravagant lifestyle.

Jenifer Lee Net Worth 2022-

People are now curious to learn the net worth of celebrities after they reveal the scam. She is a singer and actor on television. She was swindled by a con artist and came to light.

Fans want to know his net worth so we did a report and found that he has a net worth of around $2 million. She was born in Kinloch, Missouri and graduated from Webster University. She moved to New York in order to focus on her career. After that, she was cast as Eubie in Broadway.

Who are the Jennifer Lewis Boyfriend ?

She married Arnold Byrd in 2012. She is proud to be the proud mother of one child. Charmaine Lewis is her daughter. Later she met Antonio Wilson online. She is now in a relationship and she claims that she was cheated $ 50,000 by a conman.

She claimed that Wilson met her in 2017 while working at a gym. According to her statement, the manager of the facility was a con man. People want to learn Jennifer Lewis Conned and the punishment for the actor who cheated.

Antonio Wilson was sentenced to eight years in prison for defrauding actress Jenifer Lewis of her money. In an effort to defraud women of their money, three women, including Blackish star Jenifer Lee, were wooed by a man. He was a sex-offender and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. The con artist was sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday.

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