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Jo Harten Wikipedia

Joanne Elizabeth Harten is a popular England netballer. She was a key member of the England team that took home an Olympic gold medal in the 2017 Commonwealth Games. In addition, she was member of those England teams that won silver medals in the 2010, 2011 and 2015 Commonwealth Games, as well as at the 2011 2015 as well as the 2019 Netball World Cups.

Through her life, Harten has played for several clubs which include those of the Galleria Mavericks, Loughborough Lightning and Giants Netball, and has played in grand finals. Harten was captain of teams such as the Loughborough Lightning, Giants, and England teams. As a tribute to her outstanding contribution to the sport of netball Harten has been awarded the MBE in the year 2020.

Is Jo Harten Pregnant?

There is no way, Jo Harten is not expecting a baby. It appears Jo Harten is interested in living an Bacherlotte life at the moment. If she were pregnant and was expecting, Jo Harten might have shared the news with her followers. In addition, her closest family members or friends might have known whether she was expecting. They could spread the information in this state. Nothing like this has happened that would mean Jo Harten is pregnant.

It’s not uncommon to hear pregnant rumors are circulating about international athletes or celebrities. In this way, Jo Harten is only a speculation. In addition, Jo Harten has not been able to respond to the pregnancy rumors about her, so it’s entirely understandable that she’s not pregnant.

Is Jo Harten Married?

Yes, Jo Harten is not married. It appears that she is focusing on her career in sport and has not disclosed any information about her relationship situation. She’s more concerned about her netball career than in her private life.

Although she was previously a part of The Galleria Mavericks Harten was mute regarding her private life. She hasn’t made any public statements regarding her relationships with men. Furthermore, there is no information about her prior relationships with men. It seems to be that the British athlete is concerned about her privacy and would prefer to keep her private life from the public eye.

What is Jo Harten dating?

Presently, Jo Harten, the world-renowned netball player, is currently single and hasn’t been in any relationship with a romantic partner. It is believed that she is focusing on her career as a professional and has not shared any details about having a relationship with a partner.

Harten who was involved in The Galleria Mavericks, seems to be a bit secretive about her private life. She hasn’t revealed any details about her relationship life. There is also no record of her previous relationships. It is apparent she is a British athlete is more interested in keeping her private life and relationships hidden from the eyes of the world.

How old Is Jo Harten?

Jo Harten was born on the 21st of March, 1989 at Harlow, Essex, England. Jo Harten is 34 years old. Jo Harten was born and was raised in Harlow, Essex, and her parents are Barry and Chris Harten. Her family lives within Church Langley. As a child she played a variety of games, including tennis, football as well as field hockey. Her mother was the one whom she introduced to netball since she was a player in an area league.

Then, Jo started playing with another club in the area called the Harlow Tegate Netball Club. Jo Harten obtained a BA in International Relations from Loughborough University in 2011. At present, she is studying the Graduate Certificate of Business in Sports Management at Deakin University.

What Is Jo Harten Boyfriend?

Jo Harten has not disclosed any details regarding her spouse as well as her relationship status. It’s unclear if she is married, single or is engaged in a secret relationship. Her reputation is for keeping her private life private. There is no record available of her relationship with a husband, boyfriend or even a partner.

Harten was a part of the Galleria Mavericks in the Netball Superleague season of 2006-07 and was a major factor in helping them reach the final. Despite scoring 15 goals out of 19 goals in the final, the Mavericks were defeated by Team Bath by a score of 53-45.

Jo Harten Net worth

Jo Harten has a net worth of $2 million. Harten has devoted a large portion of her time to netball and has resulted in the accumulation of an impressive net worth, and making an annual income of $67,000. Apart from the money she earns from her professional career Harten also earns substantial amount of income from brand endorsements and participation with the England netball national team.

From 2007 until 2011, while attending Loughborough University, Harten played for the Loughborough Lightning. At the year 2008 Netball Superleague Grand Final, she scored 24 of 30 goals. However, tragically the Lightning fell 43-39 to her former team The Galleria Mavericks.

Jo Harten Biography

NameJo Harten
DOB21 March 1989
BirthplaceHarlow, Essex, England
ProfessionNetball international.
ParentsBarry and Chris Harten
Marital StatusUnmarried
Networth$2 Million

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