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Justin Pearson Tennessee

Justin Jamal Pearson is an activist of African descent and politician who represents the 86th District in the Tennessee House of Representatives, which covers a large portion of Memphis. Pearson was elected in special elections in January 24th, 2023 in the wake of the death Barbara Cooper, who was returned to office posthumously during the election of 2022. Pearson as well as Justin Jones, another state representative was exiled on April 6 2023, due to their participation in a gun-control protest at the capitol of the state that was considered “disorderly behavior” by Republicans. But, Pearson was reinstated in the Shelby County Board of Commissioners on April 12, 2023 by a unanimous vote. At the age of 28, Pearson became the second youngest legislator serving as a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives when the day he was inaugurated.

Is Justin Pearson Married?

Justin Pearson, a politician from the United States, was a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives until his recent removal out of Tennessee’s statehouse. Along with his fellow political figure Justin Jones, he was removed for participating in a gun-control demonstration at the state capitol. Pearson is widely regarded as among the young legislators who are as a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. In addition to his political profession, there is a lot of attention paid to his private life, especially his love life. He is currently engaged to Oceana Gillian. Further details about his personal life are not available yet.

Justin Pearson Wife

Justin Pearson, a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, isn’t yet married. He is however currently engaged with Oceana Gillian, a woman who is very enthusiastic about his work. The exact date for their first meeting or the date they began their relationship is not known. They appear to be extremely in sync with each other’s professional goals. In the past, Gillian was seen outside the statehouse with an ad that reads “#PeoplePower.” We support Tennessee Three. Tennessee Three. No Expulsion! Gillian also expressed her thoughts on the decision made by the statehouse in expressing her hope for Pearson Jones’s and Pearson’s removal and her hope that they will fight on. Pearson made a post on Twitter and thanked his wife for standing with him in his fight for justice the violence of guns in their struggling communities. There’s no details regarding the couple’s wedding date or their plans. However, we hope they have a successful future together.

Justin Pearson Age

Justin Jamal Pearson was born on the 7th of January 1995 in Memphis, Tennessee, making the current age of 28. Pearson is an activist and politician who was an elected representative in the Tennessee House of Representatives. He is a member of the 86th district that includes portions of Memphis. Pearson is known as among the youngest legislators within the Tennessee House of Representatives. He is involved in political activism to promote gun control and justice in the face of the violence of guns in their communities. His age and his political career is closely monitored as Pearson continues to be influential in Tennessee politics.

Is Justin Pearson a Preacher?

Resurrection” was the main topic on the mind of District 86 representative Justin Pearson after being expelled from his position within the Tennessee House and then promptly being asked to address the congregation of the Memphis church on Easter Sunday.

Pearson was picked to be selected by Church of the River as an invited minister on the 9th of April in which he expressed his gratitude to “all of our loved ones who’ve journeyed who’ve wiped these tears from these eyes, lifted up my chin and also my heart.”

Pearson read excerpts from Matthew 28 of The Bible and asked the people to laugh with him in “this moment where persecution is happening. This moment where our democracy is at stake.”

Justin Pearson Tennessee Net Worth

After looking up different sources Justin Pearson’s worth isn’t publically available, and there’s no information about his financial or personal assets. As a politician, his financial disclosures could be made accessible under federal or state ethics laws, however those documents are not available to the public. Pearson’s main focus has been on his activism and political actions, that have specifically focused on issues related to the control of guns and justice for shootings in Tennessee.

Justin Pearson Wikipedia

In Memphis, Tennessee, Justin Pearson is an activist of African descent and politician. He was born to a preacher father and a teacher mom, and when he was 11 his family relocated towards in the Washington, D.C. area for four years prior to going back to Memphis. At high school, Pearson participated as a member of the student body, lobbying on behalf of textbooks, and AP classes and graduated as the valedictorian from his school. Pearson graduated of Bowdoin College in 2017 with an undergraduate diploma of Government & Legal Studies and minoring in Education Studies in which he earned the title of Mellon Mays fellow and attended the public policy institute in summer in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

Pearson won a seat in the extra-ordinary election in his seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives representing the 86th district that covers areas of Memphis. Pearson succeeded Barbara Cooper, who was posthumously elected at the time of her death in 2022. Pearson and his fellow representative Justin Jones were expelled from the statehouse on April 6, 2023 because of their involvement in a gun-control protest that was deemed “disorderly behavior” by Republicans. But Pearson was reinstated with a majority vote of members of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners on April 12, 2023 and is currently a legislator within the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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