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Kenny Smith – Who is Kenny Smith?

Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith is a retired NBA player and now works as a TV personality, sports analyst, and a commentator on basketball. He was a native of Queens in New York City. Smith was a McDonald’s All-American and a basketball player at Archbishop Molloy high school in Queens.

He then played college basketball at North Carolina University, where he won two NCAA championships with the Tar Heels in 1982-83. Smith was drafted in the first round by the Sacramento Kings during the 1987 NBA Draft. Smith played for the Kings two seasons before he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Smith spent five years with the Hawks and was then traded to the Houston Rockets.

Smith’s NBA tenure with the Rockets is his most successful. In 1994 and 1995 he won two NBA Championships with the Rockets and played a crucial role in both championship runs. Smith was known as a three-point shooter and for his ability at playing both the shooting guard and point guard positions.

Is Kenny Smith married?

Kenny Smith, yes, he is married. He was married two times in his lifetime, both of which ended in divorce. Smith’s marriage to Dawn Reavis was his first. The couple shares two children, a son and a daughter. They have two children: a daughter Kayla and a son K.J. Their marriage did not last long.

Smith married Gwendolyn osborne in 2006. She was a former actress and model who had appeared on “The Price is Right,” and “Hollywood Squares.” Osborne met Smith while she was a correspondent with “Inside the NBA.” The couple were engaged in 2006, and they married in 2008

Smith and Osborne are parents to two children, a daughter and son. They’ve also appeared on reality television, such as “Meet the Smiths”, on TBS. Smith is not only active with his family, but also in many social and philanthropic organizations.

He has also been active in efforts to promote sports and education for communities that are underserved. He has also worked for organizations that support cancer treatment and research, such as the Jimmy V Foundation.

Kenny Smith’s Net Worth

Kenny Smith has a distinguished career as an American basketball player and is now a TV basketball analyst. In 2023, Smith’s net worth is expected to reach $22million. Kenny Smith made over $13million in salary during his NBA career which lasted from 1987 to 1997.

He played with teams like the Sacramento Kings Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons. In 1994 and 1995, he was a member of the Houston Rockets. He was widely respected for his skills and accomplishments on the basketball court.

Kenny Smith is also a basketball analyst on TNT. This role has contributed significantly to Kenny Smith’s overall net worth. Kenny Smith, along with other basketball legends including Shaquille N’eal and Charles Barkley, has been part of the “Inside the NBA” show on the network since 1998. Kenny Smith, a basketball analyst who earns $4 million annually, is one of the most well-paid analysts.

Kenny Smith is not only a basketball player, but he has been involved in a variety of business ventures. Kenny Smith is a real estate investor, he has opened a North Carolina restaurant chain named “Kenny Smith Wing Jet”, and he even has his own clothing brand.

Kenny Smith second wife

Gwendolyn Smith, Kenny Smith’s wife number two is Gwendolyn. She is also a British-American model, actress and TV personality. Osborne, born in Bath on 7 August 1978, is a British-American actor, model and TV personality. She studied psychology at York University, Toronto. She completed her studies in Canada and moved to the United States for a career.

Osborne started her career on television in 2002 after she appeared on reality show The Price Is Right. She was a regular model for the show. She also appeared in other game-shows, such as “Deal or No Deal”, and “Identity”. Osborne is also known for her acting in films and television, such as “Any Given Sunday”, and “Snow Dogs”.

Osborne was a reporter for “Inside the NBA” in 2006. She first met Kenny Smith. In 2007, the two started dating, and later got engaged. They married in 2008. They have two children, London and Malloy.

Osborne’s involvement in social and philanthropic activities is not limited to her work as an entertainer. She was an ambassador of the Lupus LA organisation, which supports research for lupus. Osborne also supported organizations providing education and opportunities to underprivileged youth.

Kenny Smith and his new girlfriend

Kenny Smith has recently been the focus of rumors concerning his romance. He is a retired professional basketball player who now works as a TV analyst. There are reports that suggest the 58 year old is currently single. However, no official comments have been made on his relationship status. Rumors circulated that he may be dating Aline Bernades.

Kenny Smith is a man who has been married two times. He was married to Dawn Reavis for two years, and the couple divorced. He married Gwendolyn, a former TV personality and model whom he had met on the set of “Inside the NBA”. The couple has two children. Unfortunately, their marriage ended last year. Their divorce will be finalized by 2021.

Kenny Smith, since his divorce with Gwendolyn osborne has not been officially linked romantically to anyone. Although rumors have circulated about a possible relationship between Aline and Kenny, neither party has responded publicly to the rumor. Kenny Smith does not appear to be dating anyone as of 2023. Instead, he seems to be focusing on his personal and professional life.

Kenny Smith’s Age

Kenny Smith is 58 in 2023. He was born on March 8, 1964, in New York. Smith was a student at Archbishop Molloy. Jack Curran led him, and is credited as being the American high school coach with the greatest number of victories. Smith, who retired from playing basketball as early as 1997, began to work for TNT NBA coverage.

Smith was a major contributor to the “Inside the NBA”, a show that aired on CBS and TBS, during the NCAA Tournament.

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