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Kimberly Perry: Who is she?

Kimberly Perry was born in the United States. She is a singer-songwriter and musician. She is known for being the lead singer and guitar player of the country band The Band Perry. Kimberly Perry, born in Jackson, Mississippi, on July 12, 1983. In 2005, Kimberly Perry formed The Band Perry along with her brothers Reid Perry and Neil Perry.

The band achieved significant success in 2010 with its debut self-titled release, which included the hits “If You Die Young” (“All Your Life”) and “If you die young,” (“If I die young”) Kimberly Perry and her distinctive voice, combined with the country-pop sound of the band, helped them to achieve wide popularity.

In 2015, they received several awards. One of them was the Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group for “Gentle on My Mind”. Kimberly Perry, despite The Band Perry’s recent changes, continues to pursue music as a single artist.

Is Kimberly Perry expecting?

Kimberly Perry’s newest release, “If I Die Young Part 2”, is rapidly rising in popularity. The singer revealed that a personal trauma was the inspiration for this version.

Perry revealed in a YouTube video that she had suffered a devastating miscarriage several months before the song’s conception. This period was one of sadness and emotional turmoil. When she started writing “Part Two,” her intention was to create a future of hope, a desire to have a healthy baby.

The song’s words seamlessly blended with the original, serving as a heartfelt appeal for the things Perry desired in life. Perry discovered she was expecting a few month after recording the song “Part Two”.

Perry and Johnny Costello have been married since 2021. Their first child is due in August.

Who’s Kimberly Perry’s husband?

Kimberly Perry from the band The Band Perry recently revealed that she and Johnny Costello were secretly married six months ago. The talented musician shared the news on Instagram, along with an emotional photo of the couple in front of a beautifully-decorated Christmas tree.

Kimberly Perry posted a message on Instagram expressing her joy. She wished everyone “a very MARRIED” Christmas. She also said that she and @juannycostello are celebrating their six-month wedding anniversary. The couple traveled from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada on the 17th of June for their unconventional wedding. They were married at midnight in the Black Corvette.

Johnny Costello, too, took to Instagram to mark the six-month anniversary of their wedding. He posted a photo of Kimberly Perry with a caption expressing his love for his wife. He described the first six months of their marriage as “the Happiest Six Months” and stressed that each day should begin with a blessing and end with a kiss.

Johnny Costello is not well-known, but he’s a musician like his wife Kimberly Perry. Just Jared claims that Johnny Costello hails from Nashville in Tennessee. In his Instagram bio, it states that he follows Jesus. Johnny Costello, who frequently shares his music journey on Instagram, has amassed over 2K fans.

Kimberly Perry previously married former MLB player J.P. Arencibia. They filed for divorce citing irreconcilable disagreements in May 2018. Kimberly revealed, on her 36th Birthday, that The Band Perry’s single “The Good Life”, which was released in 2019, was inspired her own experience of infidelity during her prior marriage. She explained that the song reflected her personal growth and resilience as well as the lessons she had learned.

Kimberly Perry’s revelation was met with a denial by J.P. Arencibia, who claimed that Kimberly had fabricated the story to promote her album. Kimberly Perry, despite her challenges, remained optimistic about love. She expressed her belief that she would find happiness and true companionship one day.

Kimberly Perry married Johnny Costello this year. It was a new chapter for her. Kimberly and Johnny kept the wedding under wraps for six months before they decided to tell their fans.

What happened Kimberly Perry ?

Kimberly Perry announces that she’s going to be a mother. The country singer who was a former member of The Band Perry and announced their hiatus recently is expecting with her husband Johnny Costello. PEOPLE was the only publication to receive this exclusive confirmation.

Perry, 39 years old, shared her excitement about the impending birth of their baby in an interview she gave to PEOPLE. “Johnny & I are overjoyed as we announce this beautiful bundle. This is the beginning of a new season, one of new love and new life. Our precious baby will be born in this season. There’s no better time than now!”

The singer is expecting her first child in late August and couldn’t possibly be happier about it. Perry posted a message on Instagram saying that she has dreamed about building her own family for as long as she can remember. I have always felt as an artist and a woman that I had to make a choice between starting a career and growing my family. I’m doing BOTH at the same TIME! Here we go

Subscribe to PEOPLE’s daily email newsletter for free. Perry, who has been a part of The Band Perry since her decision to take a break, signed with Records Nashville. It marks the next official chapter in Perry’s musical journey.

Perry and Costello married in a secret ceremony on June 20, 2021. In December, they announced their news separately via Instagram to commemorate their six-month marriage anniversary. Perry wrote, alongside a picture showing her looking lovingly at Costello while under red lights: “Wishing you all a very MARIED Christmas.” Today, my love @juannycostello is celebrating 6 months after ‘I Do!’

She then revealed that the couple had spontaneously driven from Los Angeles, Nevada to Las Vegas on June 17 to marry at midnight. “It was wonderful and wild, and reminded my all over again how God is the most magnificent creator of our lives and mastermind behind the most beautiful blueprint.” Perry expressed this in the caption.

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