Is Marketedance Legit {August} Explore All The Review Here!

Is Marketedance Legal? You will find a variety of electronic devices in the Spanish shop, along with special rebates. You can verify the legitimacy of the article.

Are you looking for the latest electronic device with rebates? You will be pleased with the Marketedance portal collection, which promises a 50% rebate on your second purchase. Since its launch, the Spanish retail center tried to grab attention in Mexico.

But, is the seller able to attract audiences? What are the opinions of consumers about this service? Is Marketedance Legal? You will find the shop’s legitimacy in the following section. Please read the article to discover it.

Checking the Marketedance website’s trustworthiness.

The shop claims that they search worldwide for creative products to simplify their customers’ lives. We discovered that the shop offers electronic gadgets and devices at a very high rebate rate. But is this service actually reliable and legitimate? Let’s check the internal and external details to find out.

  • Trust Index: The ratings for this index are at 2 percent.
  • Date of creation: The website was created on the 19th of July 2022.
  • Review: We didn’t find any Marketingedance Reviews.
  • Alexa Rank: This portal does not have a rank on the platform.
  • Broken Hyperlink: There are no broken hyperlinks.
  • Skipped Pages: 17 skipped pages.
  • Address verification: The address did not include the company name nor any other data.
  • Missing Details: Email ID.
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Copied Content: We collected around 26% of the common writing and 16% of the duplicate writing.
  • Company Name: Details of the company are not known as they haven’t been disclosed.
  • Social Profile: There are no profiles.

The current retail shop was created and launched via an e-commerce platform that has low trust ratings and low credibility.

What’s the Marketedance Shop?

Is Marketedance Legal? Before we get into the details, we need to inform you that this website is only available in Espanol. It also doesn’t have automatic translation tools. If you don’t speak Spanish and are an English speaker, you will need to manually translate the content using an online translator. The shop also offers a variety of electronic devices such as smart TVs, laptops, and mobiles.

The product page contains detailed information about the product, including multiple photos and a description in Spanish. If you purchase 2 items at once, you get 50% off.

Follow Marketingedance Reviews , details and specifications:

  • Site’s Link:
  • Located at: 344-354 greys inn road London, United Kingdom
  • Contactable Number: 442081233186
  • Clent’s Remarks
  • Corporate Email Address: Not available.
  • Transportation charges: These are available in the final checkout window.
  • Delivery Details: The shop ships to all countries, even the Mexico area. They didn’t provide any details about the service, but they did mention that it could take longer than expected and are available at the checkout.
  • Refund Availability: The availability of a refund is not known because there are missing details.
  • Is Marketingedance Legal? The company was just created and the details are unclear.
  • Cancellation Service: This information is not on the shipping policy or the return policy pages.
  • Return Service: This service is available for 30 days per consumer.
  • Exchange Process: The process data has not been properly declared.
  • Payment Modes: Visa and Master Card.


  • There are many new models of gadgets available.
  • Take 10% off your second order
  • We have identified the HTTPS connection.
  • There are many payment options.


  • The portal is not available on community media.
  • Review by users who are not yet registered.
  • Alexa ranks ‘Zero’ rank at zero
  • Email ID is not available

Review by Consumers on Is Marketedance Legal? :

We were unable to see any comments on the page as the company had just launched its service 8 days earlier. The web media does not have any information on this company.

Strangely, the shop has yet to start online advertising to attract customers’ attention. You must also review the steps to receive refunds on PayPal .

Final Verdict:

A week ago, the portal was opened and it has terrible capabilities.

No reviews and rank. Its rank on Alexa is also 0; therefore, Does Marketedance Legally Use? It’s new and has not received satisfactory reports so we can’t confirm. Buyers can purchase new electronic devices from trusted sellers. Also, make sure to check the refund methods for credit cards. This article was useful? Please indicate in the comments box.

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