Is Paul Cosentino Married Know about Marrige Details!

Is Paul Cosentino Married? Find out the latest information about Paul Cosentino and his relationship status.

Paul Cosentino: Who is he?

Paul Cosentino (real name) is an Australian entertainer who is well-known for his skill in illusions and escapes. He was born in 1982 and raised by parents with careers in engineering and education.

Cosentino was first interested in the magic form of art when he discovered it in his local library as a child. Cosentino struggled to learn and relied upon his mother’s explanations of the concepts while he viewed the illustrations.

Cosentino was 13 years old when he and mother found themselves locked out. He taught himself to pick the lock to gain access to his home. Later, this skill became an essential part of Cosentino’s magic performances.

Cosentino received his high school education at Wesley College in Melbourne, before beginning his career as a professional illusionist.

Is Paul Cosentino Married?

Paul Cosentino has never married. However, he has a serious relationship going on with Priscilla. Priscilla was Paul’s assistant when they first met. He was instantly impressed by her talents, describing her flexibility, dance abilities, beauty and presence as perfect assistants.

Cosentino calls Priscilla his lucky star, and says she helped his career soar. They live together with their two Bengal kittens, Dante and Diamond in Melbourne. Their strong bond proves that a couple doesn’t have to be married or even married to be considered a perfect one.

Cosentino’s parents, Rosemary Cosentino (and her husband) were born in Victoria Australia. Although his family has Italian roots, they moved from Italy to Australia before he was born. When he was a young child, he had learning disabilities but found relief in magic. Magic, he believes, helped him overcome those challenges. When he was 13, he learned to pick a lock in order to get his mother out of a locked home. It would be a skill which he would perfect and integrate into his performances.

Cosentino continued to develop his love of magic, and he looked up to Harry Houdini as a super hero. He graduated from Wesley College Melbourne before embarking on a successful career as a professional escapologist and illusionist.

Paul Cosentino Wife

Paul Cosentino (Australian illusionist and escape artist) is not married. He has a serious relationship going on with Priscilla Saintavrou. She was his assistant when he performed and he fell for her backstage. Cosentino shares a close relationship with Stavrou, despite the fact that they are not married. They live together in Melbourne and have two Bengal cats. Paul Cosentino, who was in high school, made his TV debut during the Australian variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday. This earned him prize-money. He performed an underwater escape in Melbourne Aquarium on 17th February 2010 as a tribute to Harry Houdini. Cosentino had to be shackled and submerged underwater in the main tank with sharks and rays. The lock pick was all he had and he aimed to escape within 2 minutes 30 seconds. The padlock on his belly chain and the issues it caused took three minutes and forty-nine seconds to fix.

Cosentino’s illusion routine earned him positive feedback by the judges during his audition for Australia’s Got Talent. In the preliminary finales, Cosentino performed an escape act, picking nine locks submerged in water suspended above the floor, and completing it in just 1 minute 45 seconds. Cosentino performed a routine of illusions in the semi-finals, where he appeared and disappeared while performing a dance military style. In the finale he was suspended by his ankles from a Jaws like apparatus and escaped from an ensnarement. Cosentino escaped before a piece of rope was burned, which would have caused the jaws to snap around his ankle. Cosentino, despite coming in second place to Jack Vidgen during the 2011 series Australia’s Got Talent was highly praised for his performances by both audiences and judges.

Paul Cosentino Partner

Paul Cosentino has a long-term relationship with Priscilla Steavrou. Stavrou, who was Cosentino’s backstage assistant at one of Cosentino’s performances, fell in Love with him shortly after. Although they aren’t married yet, they have formed a strong bond. They live in Melbourne together with Dante and Diamond, their Bengal cats. Cosentino has praised Stavrou’s beauty, flexibility, dancing skills, and presence as being crucial to his performances. He also credits her for helping his career to take off and calls her his lucky stars. Cosentino Stavrou’s relationship is loving and strong despite not being married. They share a passion for magic, and their love for performing has likely contributed to the strong connection.

Paul Cosentino Net Worth

Paul Cosentino is a magician and illusionist who was born on November 2nd, 1982 in Melbourne. He is a Melbourne-based magician and illusionist who gained fame by placing second in Australia’s Got Talent season five.

Cosentino won the Dancing With The Stars Australia 13th season in 2013 with Jessica Raffa. Cosentino is also a recipient of numerous awards in the field of magiciany, including the International Magician of the Years in 2013 as well as the International Escape Artist of the Years in 2015.

Cosentino’s appearances on Talkin’ About Your Generation, Asia’s Got Talent and Australia’s Got Talent are not his only television appearances. Cosentino has toured Hong Kong, Indonesia and broadcast his TV specials in more than forty countries. Cosentino is also a hugely popular live performer in Australia. Cosentino’s net worth will be between $1 and $5 million in 2023.

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