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Are Phillip Schofield ill or he has been absent from his show for other reasons? People are interested in knowing more what happened to Phillip Schofield and why he was absent for several days. Scroll down to find out about the situation.

Who is Phillip Schofield?

Phillip Bryan Schofield is a true giant of the TV world! The dynamic host has captured the imagination and hearts of viewers throughout all over the United Kingdom for decades, and it’s easy to understand the reason.

At just at 19 years of age, Schofield cut his teeth as host of the program for youth musicians Shazam! in New Zealand. However, it was home in the country he grew up in that Schofield made his mark as the first continuity presenter with in-vision for the Children’s BBC. The “Broom Cupboard,” Schofield’s charisma and enthusiasm were infectious.

Schofield’s talent didn’t end there. He was later on the show to host the highly-popular Saturday morning show Going Live!, as in addition to hosting for the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party for three consecutive years. This was just the beginning!

In the 90s, Schofield brought his talents to the world of adult-oriented television, through shows such as Schofield’s Quest and The Schofield Show, TV Gold, and Ten Ball. He also wrote the book “Remarkable Coincidences” following his hosting of a show about the topic!

But his career really reached new heights after Schofield joined ITV and has been an integral part of the show since. In everything from the hosting of Talking Telephone Numbers to bringing viewers the gripping tension in The Cube, Schofield has demonstrated time and time again that he’s a force that needs to be faced with.

Don’t forget about This Morning and Dancing on Ice! Schofield has been the co-host of these popular programs for many years with his equally talented co-host Holly Willoughby. Together, they’ve kept viewers engaged, informed, and enthralled by their lively enthusiasm and chemistry.

Is Phillip Schofield Ill?

Phillip Schofield is not ill however, he was absent certain days from the show because of the trial of his brother. Phillip Schofield had been absent from This Morning since Thursday, March 23, because he was on leave during the trial of his brother. On April 17, 2023 Phillip returned to the show along with Rochelle Humes who was acting as a substitute the role of Holly Willoughby. Phillip acknowledged the fans’ assistance throughout his absence, and expressed how great it was to return to the show. Phillip also conveyed his best wishes to Holly who announced on the weekend that she’d come down with a serious illness that could keep her away from her show the remainder part of this week.

Phillip Schofield always co-anchored with Holly Willoughby but she was absent due to health problems. They confirmed that Holly was not present and also announced the fact that Phillip and Rochelle will be hosting the show with a full schedule, which included an exclusive live announcement by Alison Hammond around midday.

What is the illness Phillip Schofield have?

Phillip Schofield has no illness However, Holly Willoughby was diagnosed with shingles. Holly Willoughby had to take time off from hosting This Morning last week after being diagnosed with shingles. The presenter announced her absence on social media, and apologized to the fans of her show for her sudden absence. Holly stated that she required time to recover from her illness and stated that she’d return to her show when she could. Holly is usually on the show with Phillip Schofield from Monday to Thursday and Dermot O’Leary, and Alison Hammond take over on Fridays.

While Holly was absent, ITV did not reveal who would replace Holly for the program. The show’s host Phillip Schofield made his return to the show following having been absent for three weeks because of Timothy Schofield’s trial. Phillip expressed his gratitude to the viewers for their loyalty and encouraging messages, and stated that it was a pleasure to return to the show.

Phillip Schofield Brother

On the 3rd of April 2023 Timothy Schofield, the younger brother of This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was found guilty of a variety of charges. Tim was aged 54 when he was arrested, was employed as a civilian police officer.

After an indictment, Phillip released a statement that expressed his concern for the victim and their families and his wish that their privacy will be protected. Phillip also said that the court would have taken actions to safeguard them if his brother had confessed to any of the crimes. Phillip was pleased with the verdicts and declared, “As far as I can tell I don’t have an older brother.”

Phillip Schofield Boyfriend

On April 26 2023, there has reported no instances of Phillip Schofield dating anyone since the separation of his spouse, Stephanie Lowe. Schofield is a well-known television host, has revealed that he was homosexual in 2020 after having been married to Stephanie for 27 years.

After their divorce, Schofield moved into a elegant bachelor home located in West London, which is an entirely different place from his previous home with his family. Schofield revealed his sexual orientation in a segment of This Morning, where he admitted his feelings for the same woman. The wife, along with two children were supportive of him and, during the Covid19 epidemic the entire family stayed at the same home situated in Henley, Oxfordshire.

After the restrictions were lifted, Schofield purchased a PS2 million semi-detached house located in Chiswick, London, where the actor lives with his fellow ITV celebrity, Dec Donnelly. Even though he is an individual the property is huge and lavish. In The Daily Mail, Schofield is loved by his neighbors.

Despite avoiding his feelings throughout his life, Phillip eventually talked to close family and friends about his sexuality, however it was just a few years ago that he disclosed it in front of his wife. Making the decision to inform Stephanie was a tough decision, however, Phillip has been incredibly grateful to her for being extremely helpful throughout the process.

Phillip Schofield Wife

Phillip Schofield, who publicly made his debut in 2020 He has kept his romantic life secret since then. And even though he is still in a relationship with Stephanie Lowe, he hasn’t said he’s being with anyone. Schofield did admit that Schofield and Lowe who have been married for nearly 27 years, haven’t considered divorce but respect the other. They were wed in Scotland and it was there that Schofield engaged to Lowe in a completely naked state.

The couple has two kids, Molly and Ruby, who have made appearances on television with their father. Molly 26, who is at the age of 26 is employed within the industry of entertainment as a talent manager. Ruby has graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in psychology in the year 2017 and also completed a month of work experience with ITV.

Phillip and Stephanie haven’t discussed divorce, since their separation occurred following Phillip openly announced that he was gay. He admitted that accepting his sexuality was an “complex” in addition to a “painful” procedure that started as a teenager.

Phillip’s public declaration of his sexual orientation was widely praised Phillip is now an activist in support of LGBTQ+ rights, openly talking about his experience on television and inspiring other members of the community.

Phillip Schofield and Mathew Mcgreevy

In 2022, it’s reported it is believed that Philip Schofield, a gay father of two, is reportedly dating an actor who is young known as Mathew Mcgreevy. There is speculation that they’ve been dating since the middle of 2020. ITV Moderator Phillip Schofield is very nearly 40 years older in the industry than Mathew Mcgreevy. In George Bamby-Salvador’s post on Facebook The top British paparazzi claim to have a strong opinion about the host.

Phillip Schofield may even lie about the date the first time he had a conversation with Matthew McGreevy, his partner in the rumours. In reality, Mcgreevy has also reportedly been appointed Phillip’s assistant according to some sources. There was speculation to be that Phillip Schofield was the patron of the acting academy Mathew Mcgreevy was a student at. Mathew Mcgreevy is just 19 to 20 in 2022 according to reports. The actor’s age hasn’t been disclosed until now.

The specific date at which Mathew Mcgreevy’s birth date isn’t yet available on sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. Mathew Mcgreevy is believed to have been in an affair with Phillip Schofield when he was only 10. In London’s Two Face Theater Academy, they first met for the first time.

Phillip Schofield has additionally followed the young McGreevy on Twitter. The inscription “A 15-year-old chubby chap, performer and twin” is in Mathew’s bio.

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