Is Richard Ayoade Married Know Age Details!

Are Richard Ayoade’s spouses known? Many people are so curious to learn more about Richard Ayoade’s private life.

Richard Ayoade is who?

Richard Ayoade (British actor, comedian, filmmaker and broadcaster) is an actor, comedian, actor and British filmmaker. He gained popularity for his role playing Maurice Moss on Channel 4’s sitcom The IT Crowd. While at Cambridge, he was president of the Footlights club. His characters Garth Marenghi (Dean Learner) were also presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Ayoade is a director of music videos for top bands and has written and directed two feature movies, Submarine & The Double. Ayoade has participated in numerous panel shows and was the team captain for Was It Something I Said! He has also presented many factual shows such as Gadget Man, Travel Man, or The Crystal Maze. Ayoade has also written numerous comedic film-focused books. He is currently working on two books for children. Ayoade is often seen collaborating with Rich Fulcher, Matt Berry and Noel Fielding as comedians.

Is Richard Ayoade married?

Richard Ayoade, an actor and producer, is married to Lydia Fox. She comes from the Fox family, a group of actors and directors. Lydia Fox, the daughter of James Fox and Mary Piper is an actor. Her grandfather, Robin Fox was a theatre director. Richard and Lydia are parents to three children. They live in East Dulwich. Lydia starred in Submarine, directed by her husband. Lydia also produced The Double. Richard said that he values Lydia’s input in his work, and often sees Lydia as the reader for all he writes. Richard Fox is Laurence Fox, who is Lydia’s brother-in law. Laurence asked Richard to support him on Twitter in 2020 after making a controversial appearance at Question Time. This caused a controversy between the two.

Richard Ayoade is married to a woman?

Lydia Fox is an actress and producer. She was born in Leeds in 1978 and is married comedian Richard Ayoade. She is the only child of James Fox, an actor from the 60s, as well as Mary Piper. Lydia has four siblings, including Jack Fox and Laurence Fox. Emilia Fox and Freddie Fox are also her cousins. She was Miss Dutton in “Submarine,” a coming-of age comedy, which was directed and produced by her husband. Lydia also produced and directed the 2013 film, “The Double,” with Ayoade. She has acted in numerous films, including “The Souvenir Parts One-Two,” in which she starred in the role of Tilda Swanson in 2019 and 2021. Lydia was educated at Newnham College in Cambridge while Richard was at St Catharine’s College. The couple were married in 2007 although their relationship details aren’t well known.

Richard Ayoade

Richard and Lydia met for the first time at university, when Richard was onstage and Lydia was in the crowd. Laurence, Lydia’s older brother, stated in an interview to The Sunday Times that Richard had not offered his support following Laurence’s controversial appearance on BBC’s Question Time. Richard mentioned Lydia in an episode on The Sacred podcast that Lydia is his reader. While the ages and genders of their children are not known, it is believed they are parents. They are located in South London’s East Dulwich area. Richard has been photographed with Esme, and Ida, their daughters.

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