Is Rushfieldde Scam Or Legit Check The Reviews Here

This article Rushfieldde Scam Or Legit focuses on Rushfieldde’s website. If you are interested in its legitimacy, please read this article.

Are you familiar with Rushfieldde? Rushfieldde sells products online. This Canadian store is very popular. Many customers find the products appealing, but since the site was recently published, customers cannot take the risk that Is Rushfieldde Scam? or Legit. So that customers can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy from this store, we will give them authentic reviews.

Is Rushfieldde legit?

The Rushfieldde store has many elements that we can use to give us an overview. These elements can be used to help determine the legitimacy of the store. Buyers are asked to carefully read the following:

  • Date of registration: On 10 August 2022, Rushfieldde launched its domain.
  • Domain expiry: On 9 August 2023, the domain name Rushfieldde will expire.
  • Trust Score: Rushfieldde’s website has a low trust score of 1%.
  • Social media pages: Most genuine websites have pages for their stores on social media. Rushfieldde does not have pages on Social Media.
  • Policies: These policies are located under the Footer menu.
  • Information missing: This site does not contain the owner’s information.

Short on Rushfieldde

Rushfieldde sells normal household items. The store offers a variety of Christmas gifts because Christmas is fast approaching. The following list contains its products:

  • Fluffy blanket
  • Magic Christmas tree
  • 4-tier bamboo organizer

Rushfieldde Scam? Did you find the right answer? We are sure that most people don’t know much about this store. Don’t worry, we have additional information about this store to help you get a better idea. Buyers should read the entire article.

Rushfieldde Features

  • URL:
  • Email address:
  • Address: Unavailable Phone number: Unavailable
  • Rushfieldde store will deliver your items in 20-40 days.
  • PayPal, VISA and American Express, Maestro, Mastercard are the payment options

Rushfieldde Reviews

We searched the social media accounts, but found no relevant social media accounts or pages for this store. Buyer reviews have not been submitted to the original website. Other review sites do not include Rushfieldde. The ratings and reviews for this store are therefore negligible. This post will provide protection against credit card frauds.

In a nutshell

We’ll wrap up the article because we mentioned that this website has a trust rate of 1%. Rushfieldde’s online store has a life expectancy of 3 months. These are all indicators that indicate if Rushfieldde is a scam or legit. These elements are the reason we can’t consider this website legitimate. This link will protect you from PayPal scams. For more information on Christmas gifts, visit this link. Did you find this article useful? Please leave feedback in the comment box.

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