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Selina Jen married: Selina Jen, a Taiwanese actor and singer, became famous as a member S.H.E.’s girl group. She has been a well-known figure in the Chinese entertainment sector over the years. But her private life has been the subject of much speculation and intrigue for her fans. This article will answer many of your questions about Selina Jen’s relationships and marriage.

Is Selina Jen married? Selina Jen isn’t married as of 2023. She has never married and has not made any statements about her plans to wed in the future. But she is in a long-term relationship, with Richard Chang, her boyfriend.

Selina Husband

Selina Jen is single and not married.

Selina Jen Boyfriend

Richard Chang, a Taiwanese law firm lawyer, is Selina Jen’s boyfriend. The couple have been together since 2018 and have been spotted together numerous times. Selina announced their engagement in 2020 and stated that they are happy together. She also shared that Richard is supportive of her work and is always there for them.


  • How long has Selina been in a relationship Richard Chang for?

Selina Jen has been with Richard Chang since 2018.

  • Selina Jen was a woman who got a proposal from her boyfriend.

Richard Chang and Selina Jen have not yet made an official announcement about a proposal.

  • How did Selina Jen and Richard Chang get together?

We don’t know the details of Richard Chang and Selina Chang’s relationship.

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