Is Selina Jen Pregnant Readout Here!

Selina Jen is currently 12 weeks pregnant. Fans all over the world eagerly awaited her personal news, which has created a buzz of anticipation and excitement.

We will be discussing Selina Jen’s pregnancy news. This includes her age, plans for the future and the journey she took to conceive. A table will be created  to help you quickly reference some common questions. We invite you to join us as we explore the thrilling world of Selina Jen and her pregnancy journey.

Is Selina Jen Pregnant?

Taiwanese actress Selina Jen is currently 12 weeks into her pregnancy. She is also a singer and actress from Taiwan. Her fans, who have been following her career since 2001, were delighted to hear the good news.

Selina Jen Pregnancy News

Selina Jen’s pregnancy news first appeared in Taiwanese media on March 20, 2023. Sources close by her said that she had been trying to conceive since a long time. Her boyfriend, who does not work in the entertainment industry, has been a solid source of support throughout her journey.

Selina Jen Age

Selina Jen was born October 31, 1981. This makes her 41 years of age at the time she announced her pregnancy. Selina, although in her 40s and still looking youthful, continues to be active in entertainment.

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