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Steve Howey married? Many people are curious about whether Steve Howey has a wife or not. You can find more information about the star’s personal and romantic life. You can read now and answer the question: Is Steve Howey Divorced?

Is Steve Howey Married?

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi started their journey together in June 2007 while on vacation in Hawaii. The next step was to tie the knot in Las Vegas on Feb 7, 2009. Their first child, a boy, was born in July 2009. Shahi chose to have an at-home water birth. This is when the mother gives birth in a tub or pool of warm water. Six years later, Shahi and her husband welcomed twins in March 2015. A daughter and a son were born again at home. The couple were faced with difficulties and filed for divorce May 2020. After months of legal proceedings, the couple filed for divorce in January 2021.

Who is Steve Howey married to?

After getting engaged in June 2007, Steve Howey, actor, and Sarah Shahi (model/actress), got married in February 2009. In July 2007, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy, through a water birth at their home. They had their second child, a boy and a girl, in July 2014. The couple had a home birth in March 2015. This was celebrated in grand style and broadcast on national television. The couple filed for divorcement in May 2020. This was completed in January 2021.

Steve Howey Wife

Steve Howey is an actor of well-respected stature who began his career in small TV roles in late 1990s and early2000s. His role as Van Montgomery in “Reba,” a WB sitcom from 2001 to 2007 earned him widespread recognition. This led to appearances on TV and movies. Howey is most famous for his portrayal as Kevin Ball in “Shameless,” a Showtime show he starred on from 2011 to 2021. He stars as Kevin Ball in CBS’s “True Lies” action series. Howey has only one public relationship with Sarah Shahi (a fellow actor to whom he was previously married from 2009-2021). Howey seems to be single following their divorce. However, Shahi and he co-parent their three children, William and Violet.

When Did Steve Howey Marry?

American actor Eric Howey was engaged to Sarah Shahi in June 2007. They were on a romantic vacation together in Hawaii when they became engaged. On February 7, 2009, they married in Las Vegas.

Their first child was born in July 2009, six months after the couple got married. The couple gave birth to their son in an at-home water birth. This is a popular method in childbirth, where the mother labors in a warm tub or pool and then gives birth. Despite the challenges of raising children in the entertainment business, the couple managed their personal lives to remain private. Through another home birth, they had twins in March 2015. One was a girl and one was a boy.

Does Steve Howey Have Kids?

Yes. Steve Howey was married to Sarah Shahi (actress and model) in Las Vegas on February 7, 2009. While on vacation in Hawaii, the couple got engaged in June 2007. Shahi delivered their first child, a boy, at home in July 2009. Six years later, they had twins. A daughter and a son were born at home. While Howey & Shahi were known for keeping their personal lives private and not sharing this information with others, it is no secret that they are open to the public. As parents increasingly prefer to have their babies delivered at home, it has become more popular. The couple ended their 11-year marriage in May 2020 when they filed for divorcement. The couple has three children and maintains a positive relationship. Howey considers his twins and son the greatest joy of his life. In interviews, he often mentions how important his family to him.

Steve Howey Children

The spectacular arrival of Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey’s offspring is nothing short of a miracle that left everyone in amazement. Shahi gave birth to her first child, a boy, in July 2009 in the home of Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi. This extraordinary feat made Shahi the talk of the town. But the best part of their story is yet untold! The couple were blessed with two offspring in the month of March 2015, both from another home birth. To celebrate the birth of the twins (a daughter and a son), a huge event was held. The ceremony was also broadcast live on national TV.

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