Is Yezshop Scam or Legit Is It Legit Or Not?

Check out this article to answer your concern. Is Yezshop scam or Legit about a web-based online store that deals with shoes and clothes.

Are you in search of an online marketplace where you can sell your old sneakers? Do you wish to shop through a vast selection of accessories and clothing? In any situation, you’ll have the information on the subject site useful.

This article focuses on the authenticity of a new online shopping website. Customers from all over the world, like America United States, would like to know more about the site in depth. Therefore, read to the end to find out whether Yezshop Scam or Legit.

Is Yezshop Reliable?

If you’re looking to browse through this store’s products, it is wise to read the information below. We’ve compiled these details after searching the Internet extensively to help you understand the process of visiting this site.

  • Platform OldnessThis web site’s date of birth is eight days older than the duration of a month. The site was created by the developers on August 8, 2022.
  • Web site’s Trust Index –1% A Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Links to social Media Linking to Social MediaThe designers haven’t incorporated any social media integrations on this website.
  • rank in the Database of Alexa –2410980 which is a bad position.
  • Yezshop reviews Yezshop ReviewsNo review section for review products is available in the store.
  • The reliability of contact ParticularsThe address and the pinned map seem to indicate retail centers as according to the Web. But, it’s not confirmed by the store’s name. Furthermore, both e-mails are inactive domain names.
  • Ambiguity in the About Us Section with ambiguity in About Us SegmentOne paragraph in this section states that the portal resells products that are not used of users. However the following paragraph says that the platform produces customized products. Additionally, the portal’s founding year is incorrectly listed as being 2018 on this page.

These facts suggest a lack of trust in this website. But, a comment on the subject of Yezshop Scam or Legit is not appropriate for the current status of the platform.

What exactly is Yezshop?

Yezshop is a retail store that sells unworn but brand new and branded shoes and clothes. It can also sell custom-made or manufactured accessories according to the About Us segment. The products it sells in addition to shoes are t-shirts and masks, and so on.


  • Type of Website –An online platform for shopping which deals with second-hand, but original brand footwear and accessories.
  • Digital Address of Platform –
  • Warehouse’s Location :320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, United States
  • Telephone NumberNot provided.
  • E-mail –,; these domains are non-existent, addressing your question Is Yezshop Scam or Legit.
  • Links to Social Media AbsentAbsent
  • cost of Goods Cost of GoodsGiven in USD.
  • Sorting and Filtering Options —Absent
  • Privacy Policy – Written
  • Payment Methods –PayPal, Visa, JCB as well as MasterCard cards for credit.
  • Rules for Refunds as well as ReturnsThe guidelines for returning items used for crediting refunds aren’t listed in the policies page.
  • The Terms and ConditionsNot listed.
  • Information on Shipping Details Related to ShippingShipment is completed within seven to nine days. The minimum amount for FREE delivery of $35. However, the delivery costs aren’t stated.


  • Images on the products have stunning high-quality and brightness.
  • The team has outlined all of the specifications that are essential to the product.

Cons and Discussion is Yezshop Scam Or Legit

  • The link to promotions , exclusions or Covid-19 is not working.
  • There are no filters or options to arrange the contents are offered.
  • The designers haven’t provided the team’s phone number.
  • The platform is brand new and it is therefore difficult to trust.
  • The address listed is of a shopping center, but there is no evidence that it is associated with this website.
  • The e-mail addresses listed do not is registered with an official domain.
  • Some customers may not be interested in this website due to inability to connect with social networks.
  • The About Us section reveals the incorrect year of the establishment. The business practices of the store are also unclear in this segment.

Yezshop Reviews

The top review sites do not have any reference to the shop and its products or even its services. It is evident that to be a less reliable site to go to. Additionally, the developers haven’t provided the section to review the products or provide feedback. Therefore, there is no way to know what the opinions of buyers are about the site’s authenticity. We suggest that you look into ways to Recover Your Money Returned to PayPal in case you are you are swindled as a security measure.


Based on this research the website appears to be suspect. However, it’s difficult to determine the truth. Yezshop Scam and Legit in light of the long-standing reputation of this shop. Additionally, you can find out what you need to know to select the appropriate shoes.

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