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This blog will provide all the information you need about Izzy Ashburn and how she was connected to the Wisconsin incident. Did she become the victim of the Wisconsin volleyball leak photography incident? You want to know more about her accomplishments? This article will provide all the details about the current members of the Wisconsin Valley team.

This article is worth a quick glance. Find out why this player is the most popular Worldwide right now. Izzy Ashburn is also available. Continue reading to learn more.

Izzy, who are you?

Izzy is a current player on the Wisconsin university volleyball team. Tri-captain of the 2022 team, she is also known as Izzy. In 2022, the player has an impressive record of playing in a total 16 matches and for a total fifty-seven sets.

Izzy was a player for 24 sets in 2021. Leak Scandal Video, photo and video have made the player a trending topic. The incident shocked the entire team and they complained to UW Athletic authorities right away.

Wisconsin Volleyball Player incident

The internet circulated images of the private parts of a Wisconsin university player. The UW-University of Wisconsin quickly acted on the matter.

One of the team members saw the viral video and immediately reported it to the UW. UW immediately took action by publishing a tweet about the matter on Twitter.

Twitter posted details about the privacy invasions of students. It also stated that the act was a violation to criminal statutes as well as an invasion of university policies.

Comments of the Badgers Coach about the incident

Kelly Sheffield, the current coach of the female Volleyball team stated that he supports all students involved in the leaky Photos incident. Players will not face disciplinary action for the same act.

What was the UWPD’s Action?

According to various reports, the UW Police Department took immediate action after being immediately informed about the viral photos incident involving Wisconsin university students.

The UW Madison Police Department tried to locate the person who leaked the images of the innocent girls. The suspect’s account was suspended from all social media platforms where the videos were being released.

Who are the alleged perpetrators of the incident?

On twitter and reddit, the alleged perpetrator of the incident is listed as @Itsfunnydude11 account holder. As the culprit or user is not yet known, it is possible that they are still anonymous.

While the UW- Madison Police Department works to identify the perpetrator, both social media accounts have been suspended. The blurred photos of the leaked content are available below for the readers. We cannot reveal the video link’s details here due to privacy concerns.

We can still provide some video links over the internet but they are not for privacy authorization.

Response to the social media platforms

Unfortunately, the response to the social media platforms is not available at the moment. The social media authorities immediately attempted to delete all related Wisconsin university-leaked content.

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