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Jacob Vanzant – Who is Jacob Vanzant

Jacob VanZant has gained attention for his sudden and unexpected disappearance. Jacob vanZant was 24 years old when he went missing from a restaurant near Lodi. Since February 17th, Jacob has been missing.

Lodi Police Department has been searching in Lodi and Stockton with the help of other organizations in order to find him. Jacob VanZant’s disappearance is still a mystery. His whereabouts and health are of great concern to many.

Jacob Vanzant Obituary

Jacob VanZant died on February 17th 2023. With deep sadness, we announce the end of Jacob’s search, which ended on April 15th 2023. Jacob, who was born on December 23rd 1998, was 24 at the time he tragically left. The VanZant Family is devastated by this tragic loss.

Jacob will be forever remembered by us as a father, son or grandson who was loving and caring, a partner, ally, uncle, and brother. He was always a constant presence, providing support and unconditional love whenever we were in need.

His infectious laugh will echo in our memories, as a testimony to the joy that he brought to our lives. Jacob cherished the time he spent with his family, and created memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Jacob was predeceased by his daughter Delilah Love VanZant as well as Gerald Escher Bob VanZant Larry Kowalski.

Mary VanZant is his bonus mother. His father Rob VanZant also mourns his loss. Also left behind are his siblings Jessica Alonzo and Steven VanZant. Nick VanZant (Caitlynn), Mark Linde & Zach Redmon. Jacob leaves his grandmothers Betty Escher & Janet Rogers behind, as well as his niece Olivia, nephews Nicholas & Daniel. Jacob leaves behind many aunts and uncles as well as cousins.

Jacob was a valuable member of Pacific Coast Producers where he developed meaningful relationships with his colleagues. He loved the outdoors and skateboarding. He also enjoyed strumming his guitar. His childhood in Arnold by the lake and summers spent with his family to Aptos were fond memories. Jacob loved taking Celestial on day trips out to the bay, his longtime girlfriend and mother of Delilah.

Jacob will be honored with a rosary on Thursday, 27th April, at 6:00 P.M., at the Casa Bonita Funeral Home at 2500 Cemetery Lane Stockton. A private service will be held later, and the details of a celebration will be announced soon.

The family requests that, in this time for mourning, you make memorial donations to Adventures With Purpose (A Memory Grows), or any charity which has personal meaning for you. Jacob’s spirit may find eternal rest, and we hope that his memory will always live on.

Jacob Vanzant Missing

Jacob VanZant was found by a diving team in the San Joaquin River. He had been missing from Stockton since February. The circumstances of his disappearance remain a mystery. Jacob was seen last at the Shangri La Asian Bistro & Sushi on February 17th, 2023.

He was wearing dark jeans, a black boot, and a dark hoodie at the time. His Honda Pilot had the license plate 5JBC311. He was said to have disappeared after picking up takeout food for Celestial Riate, his longtime girlfriend. Jacob’s parents reported him missing after he didn’t return home to Stockton from the restaurant where he had picked up his girlfriend, Celestial.

On April 15, after almost two months of searching for his body, it was discovered in the Little Potato Slough. Jacob’s vehicle entered the water where Eight Mile Road met Empire Tract Road. Now, a memorial marks the location of his final breath.

San Joaquin County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the body of Jacob, giving some closure to those who loved him, though the circumstances around his disappearance are unknown.

Jacob Vanzant is Found Dead

Jacob VanZant was tragically discovered dead after his Honda Pilot, a white Honda, was submerged 18 feet under water and 150 feet off the shore. This was at the end Eight Mile Road in Stockton between Lodi.

Adventures With Purpose played a key role in locating Jacob’s car. According to AWP’s findings, the human remains inside the car are those of Jacob VanZant.

AWP documented its search efforts in a YouTube clip, highlighting how a private investigator helped their progress. The search team suspects the car accident was accidental because Jacob’s vehicle is found at the end a road which leads into the ocean, creating a possible hazard to unattentive drivers.

AWP was contacted by Jacob’s parents for help. AWP revealed that Jacob was reportedly seen drinking alcohol while he waited to receive his food order. He also drove in a way described as being “a bit erratic”.

Jacob’s parents expressed their shock at his sudden disappearance. Jessica Alonzo testified to Jacob’s responsibility, highlighting his work ethic, his prompt bill payment, and his intent to pick up food for his loved ones prior to going missing.

Jacob Vanzant Causes of Death

Jacob VanZant’s exact cause of death has yet to be determined. Lodi Police Department is still investigating how he wound up in the water. Jacob was a wonderful, beautiful person who will be remembered by his family.

Adventures with Purpose is a dive team that specializes in searching for missing persons in water bodies. They found his body inside his submerged car in the San Joaquin River.

The authorities used sonar imaging in order to find Jacob’s car. It was submerged about 150 feet off the shoreline, and 18 feet under water. As the investigation continues, more details could be revealed.

How old is Jacob Vanzant ?

Jacob VanZant was only 24 when he disappeared on February 17th, 2023. Jacob VanZant’s disappearance on February 17, 2023 when he was 24 years old has been the focus of an ongoing investigation since then. In April 2023, a group of volunteers found his car submerged in a San Joaquin County slough.

Human remains have been found in the vehicle. It is believed they belong to Jacob VanZant. Authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the body.

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