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This article discusses the incident between Jamirah and Elissa. It also reveals how people gather public reaction to Jamirah’s Shutes Video.

Did you see the video of Jamirah Shutes? What did you think of Thursday night’s handshake line incident? What did you think of the handshake incident? After the incident, shocked Americans watched the WNIT game. This video went viral on social networks. Jamirah Shut’s video gives more information.

What happened with the Basketball team?

Shutes was with Brett, a senior guard, in an earlier incident with 24 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Shutes was defeated by Sophie Dziekan (Brett) and Sophie Dziekan (Sophie Dziekan). Dziekan hit Shutes accidentally when she tried to grab the ball after Brett whistled. Shutes is the Tigers’ leading scorer. Shutes left the game but was still there until the third quarter began.

Jamirah Shutes Arrested

Jamirah Shute was taken into custody for assault after a police investigation into Thursday’s incident. It was based on Memphis women’s basketball’s defeat in the WNIT. Shutes spoke with Elissa, Bowling Green’s, after the 73-60 win. Shutes hit Brett in the head while he was walking away. He fell to the floor. Brett took a moment for herself to get up from the court and walked alone.

Jamirah Shakes Punch Video

The video shows Brett being punched by Jamirah. It is also visible on social media. According to a Bowling Green State University statement, the Memphis Women’s Basketball player has been charged for assault after an unrelated physical incident that took place after Thursday’s WNIT home game. BGSU Athletics has also been reviewing the incident. They believe violence is unacceptable and are committed to the support, safety and health of the student-athletes. On Twitter, many people posted negative comments about the act. This link was shared to learn more.

Details about the incident

A police investigation was launched by the university into the incident at the ground. Jamirah was also charged after the video was taken. Police also conducted interviews and determined that the witness had seen Shutes hitting Brett during the match at the handshake line. The incident is under active investigation. Memphis’ athletics team declined to comment further on Friday. People were shocked when Jamirah Schutes’s video went viral. They said it was unfair to hit.


Online sources indicate that Jamirah Shutes (a Memphis Women’s basketball star) was arrested. Shutes punched Elissa in the handshake after Thursday’s game. Further details have not been disclosed. You can find more information online.

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