Jason Liaban Maywood Who Is Jason Liaban?

Jason Liaban Maywood was the subject of an article about a tragic incident in which a young cop was killed.

What do you know about Jason Liaban? How did he get to death? Why did he die? What was his profession He died in a remote location. You can find the answers to these questions in this article about Jason Liaban Maywood. Although there are always some sort of news in America, this sad news is coming from New Jersey.

Jason Liaban’s Death:

At 2:30 AM on Thursday, March 30, 2023, a tragic incident took place in Maywood (in Bergen County New Jersey). A Sergeant of Maywood took his own life and was taken to a local medical centre. Jason died at the Hackensack University Hospital. However, sources claim that Jason died at Hackensack University Hospital, where his body was taken.

More Information About Jason Liaban Wayne NJ

Jason was a retired police officer with 16 years experience (sources). Jason Y. Liaban was his full name. He was 39. Maywood is devastated by the passing of Sergeant Jason Liaban. There is no way to get more personal information about the deceased.

Jason’s family members and friends have been asked to keep their identities secret by the office of the Prosecutor. They claim there is no foul play in Jason’s death and that no criminal investigation will follow. Jason Liaban Maywood shot himself to death in suicide. However, the incident was investigated. How did it happen?

Where did Sergeant Jason go?

After shooting himself in the head, Liaban was brought to the Medical Centre of Hackensack Universität Bergen County. Jason was left with serious injuries. Doctors declared him dead. Details about his death and the reasons he shot himself remain a mystery.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s office, New Jersey, has not disclosed any further information to anyone because it isn’t a criminal case. They requested privacy for the Bergen County community, Maywood Police department, and most importantly for Jason Liaban Maywood’s family in order to cope with this sudden loss.


Jason Liaban was shot and killed by his Maywood Sergeant on the 30th of March. Hackensack University declared him dead. The Prosecutor’s offices assured the public that no criminal activity was involved in this tragic incident and are continuing to investigate the circumstances. You can read the official statement by Bergen County’s Prosecutor’s Office here. Your thoughts on suicide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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