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Are you aware of the latest series that is based on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story? Lionel Dahmer wrote the book. This article will help you to learn more about Lionel Dahmer’s book. His friend Derf Backderf published the book, which gained huge popularity in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Today’s blog will discuss Jeffrey Dahmer Comic and other details about Jeffery Dahmer. Continue reading the article.

Information on Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix series:

Following the success of “Monster:The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a series that was based on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story, many books about Jeffrey Dahmer’s story became popular online. According to sources, “My Friend Dahmer” is a book that was based on Jeffery Dahmer’s life story. It was a comic novel of 24 pages written by Derf Backderf, whose childhood friend Jeffrey Dahmer is. It was published in 2012.

We will also be discussing Jeffery Dahmer’s books. This Jeffrey Dahmer Book Written by His Dad was very popular in the early days of Jeffery Dahmer’s writing.

A father’s story by Lionel Dahmer

The story of the father stands out among all the books about Jeffery Dahmer. According to reports, Lionel Dahmer’s book tells the story of the father’s grief at discovering that his son was a serial killer who committed such horrific crimes. Further, the book presents a father’s perspective on what happened to their family. The book was published 1994. After the recent Netflix documentary featuring Monster: The Jeffery Dhmer Story, such books are increasingly available online.

Jeffrey Dahmer Comic Books Value:

Trending topics have been the release of Netflix’s latest documentaries about Jeffery Dahmer’s life story. The documentary reveals the horrific crimes Jeffery Dahmer committed during his life. According to reports, Jeffery Dahmer was the author of several books before this documentary was released. The father wrote one, and his childhood friend wrote the other. Both books were valued at $40 each.


Since the release of Netflix Documentary Monster: Jeffery Dahmer Story, books related to Jeffery have been in high demand. This article contains details about Jeffrey Dahmer Comic. Click this link to for more information about Jeffery Dahmer’s documentary. This article contains all information about Jeffery Dahmer’s Books.

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