Jeffrey Vandergrift Suicide Find Wiki Details

The following article provides details about the suicide of Jeffrey Vandergrift.

Are you familiar with Jeffrey Vandergrift’s story? Did you hear this shocking news? Today’s news story is about Jeffrey Vandergrift (radio host) who is dead. Americans are stunned and anxious to hear what will happen.

The article Jeffrey Vandergrift Suicide will provide details about the circumstances surrounding the death of this well-known personality.

Is Jeffrey Vandergrift attempting suicide?

DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift was identified as DJ DJ JV. is a popular San Francisco radio host who was also a disc jockey. He went missing about a month before. People are speculating that Vandergrift committed suicide, according to social media. But, it is not known what caused his death.

Did Jeffrey Vandergrift’s death announcement on Redditt get published?

Many of the posts on social media about his death, including his last one, raised questions about his mental state among his followers. This is why some believe he might have committed suicide.

Was his body ever found?

After Jeffrey Vandergrift (55 years old) went missing on Thursday night, February 23, the San Francisco Police Department reported Vandergrift missing on Friday. KRON4 reports Vandergrift was found dead in his San Francisco Bay neighborhood near Pier 39.

According to the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office, who was quoted in the public, the family members of the deceased radio host have been informed.

Quick Wiki from Jeffrey Vandergrift

Date of Birth March 16, 1968. Born in California, America. Nationality American. Mother name Unknown. Father name Ray Vandergrift. Married to Natasha Yi. American High School. Social Media profile Twitter- Ethnicity Caucasian.

On Twitter, the news of his death went viral and viewers and fans offered condolences via comments. Many people were interested to know how he died.

What is Jeffrey’s net worth?

His net worth is approximately $2.18 million. Wild 94.9 featured him competing in 2023. This was a big hit. His entire life story was shared with his fans. His health issues, which began in 2021 and were ultimately diagnosed as Lyme Disease were made public to his followers.

Where did he go missing?

The radio personality vanished February 23, 2023. He was last seen in his home around 10 p.m. Wild 94.9 released a statement saying that Vandergrift and the police assisted in the search for the missing member of their team. The local police couldn’t find him as no activity was found on his mobile phone or credit card.

What’s the Cause of Death?

Police announced this week that Jeffrey Vandergrift was dead. Vandergrift was a San Francisco radio host who had been missing since last October. According to social media, the 55-year old may have committed suicide.

But, it is not known what caused the death. The personality was followed on Instagram by many followers.


JV of San Francisco, the radio host with the highest ratings, has passed away. His family was left in shock. However, it is unknown what caused his death.

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