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Have you heard about the latest news concerning Peanut Butter’s recall? Are you eager to find out the entire background? Continue to read this post through the close. For the United States, an issue has been discovered with the products of Jif. J. M. Smucker Co Jif, who is Jif’s parent. Jif.

Salmonella was identified within the product by The “Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” We will provide all the details about the recall and the reasons behind the Jif peanut Butter number recall .

Recall of Peanut Butter from Jif

Around 69 items were affected after a recall was issued on the items by Jif. The reason behind the spread of the recall is due to the fact that numerous companies utilize peanut butter to make chocolates, sandwiches and different products.

The items which are under recall, include packets of veggie snacks , to fruit and confectionery items, like pie and fudge made from peanut butter.

49 Jif products were recalled, under which the cups range from .75 pounds to jars that weigh 40 ounces. Other than that sandwich sandwiches, PB&J of Del Monte and snacks of Albertson are also covered under Jif recall. Peanut Butter recall 2022 .

What is HTML0? How do you identify Recall Products

The code number is usually located close to that Best by date could aid in identifying the recalled products. If you find this number, it’s the last number of the initial seven digits of an barcode, it indicates that the products were produced in Lexington.

The items in which the barcode is located begin from 1274 until 2140. You should not purchase the items. It is best if you didn’t use or serve the products. We’ve discussed ways to recognize the bad results. In the next paragraph, we’ll talk about the actions taken by the company in regard to the consumers who purchased the products.

Actions Against Jif Peanut Butter Recall 2022

The company has promised to refund customers who were forced to dispose of the peanut butter. A website was made to claim the compensation. You can request the compensation of five products at once. Customers will receive an offer to pay for the exchanged products. The whole process is completed within 6 weeks.

Places where Recall Has Been Expanded

The products affected by the process of the recall have gone over the US. According to a study by the FDA the products have affected ten countries including Japan, Canada, Thailand as well as other countries. Additionally, the FDA are looking into the spread of Salmonellosis.

Jif Peanut Butter Numbers Recall: Details Of Salmonellas

Salmonella is one type of bacteria. The bacteria can cause salmonellosis when it is affecting humans. When someone is suffering from salmonellosis symptoms include nausea, fever, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. The disease can be fatal for infants under five years old and older in cases of vulnerability.


From the discussion above we know that due to the impact of the salmonella virus several products containing peanut butter made by Jif have been pulled back. If you’d like to learn what you can regarding the Jif peanut Butter number recall contact 1-800-283-8915.

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