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Jiji is who? Did you see her gaming content on social networks? Do you have any of her social networking accounts? We will be discussing JijiPlays Red Room Scam because many people from the Philippines, and other countries, want to learn more about this teenager gaming phenomenon. Stay tuned. We will be discussing many details regarding Jiji.

Facts About Scandal

Jiji is a well-known teen who uses social media to create content. She uploads games videos and other entertainment videos. Her following is large on YouTube and Facebook. Because of this, she is often controversial. We tried searching the Internet for information about JijiPlays Viraltelegram, but couldn’t find any. A false report claimed she was either engaged or was cuddling a boy via video. But, there isn’t any proof to support the rumors.

We also found out that Jiji had played the piano tune for a Japanese drama series called Scandal. This piano clip was viralized on Tiktok. Jiji’s red room scandal is still unknown. Additionally, red room can be used as an escape game. Many red-room games are also available online. Jiji might have seen the game live on-stream.

Personal Details about Jiji Plays

Jhewelry Dela Cerna is actually the real name of Jiji, a well-known video game sensation who is just 14 years old. Jiji’s personal information is limited. Another topic of interest is her dating status. Her Youtube channel often features her crushes, but she never explicitly states whether she has a boyfriend.

Rumours claim that she had a romantic relationship with celiboy. There is still a lot of uncertainty. Based on her Filipino dialect, it is clear that she is from Bulacan in the Philippines.

Social Media Resources

Instagram Unfortunately, it was not possible to track her Instagram account.

YouTube Channel Link

Jiji’s channel launched in September 2020. She now has 258k customers. The channel received 5,940.011 views. She has connected her YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Facebook Link

Jiji is only following 8 people.


The post contained a lot of information on Jiji Plays, a prominent Filipino gamer. Since a long time, Jiji Plays has been the subject for discussions on Telegram. Details about Jiji’s red-room scandal were not available online. We tried to find out more about Jiji’s involvement with any other scandal, but we couldn’t find them. You can view one her YouTube videos by clicking here.

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