Jô Mora Com Quem {Aug 2022} Fetch The Actual Facts Read To Go!

This article contains all details regarding Jo Mora Comp Quem as well as other details concerning his death.

Few people can make you smile and bring you great joy. Right? Are you familiar with the Brazil comedian who just died?

The comedian died at the age 84. According to reports, he was admitted to hospital at the end of July. People are looking for Jo Mora Com Quem. Let’s find out more.

Who was Com Quem?

Com Quem was an actor and comedian who performed throughout the continent. His rapid career launch and peak after a brief period were his hallmarks. SBT launched him. This production house has also launched many other artists. A survey revealed that he was the highest-paid Brazilian artist after his launch.

He was paid $ 5 million per month at Globo. His books were also rated among the best-selling. Jo Moracom Quem made $620 million selling his book. He owns almost every asset that can be considered a fortune. People reported that Higienopolis was his home before his death. It is considered one of the most luxurious areas in Sao Paulo.

His private life was very open. It is believed that he married Therezinha Millet sometime between 1959 and 1979. Rafael Soares, their son, tragically lost his life in an accident. There is currently no heir to the fortune of Rafael Soares. Flavia, his ex-wife, is the current member.

Jo Mora com Quem Other Details

Com Quem felt nauseous for a while and was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia by his family doctor. He was taken to the hospital Sirio- Libanes in Sao Paulo. He was admitted to the hospital on 28 July 2022. According to reports, he died at 2:30 AM. He is best known for his “Programa Do Jo” broadcasts from 2000 to 2016.

Flavia Pedra, his ex-wife, reported the sad news in morning. According to reports, the funeral was held and reserved for Jo Moura Com Quem family members. The place is still unknown.

His ex-wife posted a touching message and a photo on her social networking site. She thanked God for the blessings he had bestowed upon her. Quem was a prominent personality on the continent, and her post was quickly restored.


People move on, but their footprints in the lives of others are not. He is well-known for comedy, playwriting, direction, painting and acting. He is not restricted to any one area. Jo Moracom Quem was known for his trademark humor. He stated in one interview that he was gifted with talent and has never attempted to fabricate it.

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