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The fans are eager to know about John Owen Lowe Parents, therefore, we’ve got all the information about American producer, writer and performer John Owen Lowe and his parents.

Who is John Owen Lowe?

John Owen Lowe, a multifaceted American talent who has earned an impact as a producer, writer and actor. His parents were Sheryl Berkof, a makeup artist as well as Rob Lowe, an actor. His older brother Mathew is an attorney. Lowe has graduated from Stanford University in 2018, with a bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, and Society.

Lowe started the acting profession in the year 2015 when he landed a recurring role in the comedy show The Grinder. He also starred in The Lowe Files, a show where his family was entangled in unsolved mysteries. He also wrote several episodes for the cult TV series 9-1-1: Lone Star, and played in the film of the same name Holiday in the Wild in 2019.

Lowe’s most recent work is the Netflix comedy program Unstable that he not only played in, but also produced with both his dad as well as Victor Fresco. The show is believed to be a result of how close he is to his father through social media. While speaking to New York Times, Lowe said that the idea of the show came up when he was in 9-1-1: Lone Star. Lowe expressed his displeasure with constantly being under the shadow of his father, and this led Lowe to think about the possibility of a show focused on their relationship. Victor Fresco, who worked on the project, was able to structure the concept.

John Owen Lowe Parents

John Owen Lowe comes from an extended lineage with a history of Hollywood legends, his father the legendary Rob Lowe, who became famous when he was just at the age of 15. Rob Lowe has had a long and prosperous career in television and film , and is a loving parent to the two boys he has. He has a strong connection and friendship with John Owen due to their common struggles with addiction.

John Owen grew up alongside his brother Matthew Lowe. Matthew Lowe, who is often engaged in photography and acting. Matthew graduated from Loyola Marymount University. His mother Sheryl Berkoff also was an actor. While he’s close to all his family members, John Owen Lowe shares the same connection with his mother Sheryl Lowe. Family members support his efforts in every way and he’s had immense success as a actor, producer, and writer. actor.

John Owen Lowe Girlfriend and Relationship

John Owen Lowe has been in a romantic relationship with his partner, Olivia Rodriguez, who is a model. She has also been published on the cover of Vogue Italia. Olivia Rodriguez has been involved in modeling projects for high-profile brands like Chanel, ASOS, and Tiger Swim, and is currently being represented through Elite Model Management. According to studies the couple started dating in February of 2020.

John and Olivia frequently post cute photos of themselves Olivia and John often post adorable photos of themselves on Instagram and give their followers an insight into their love life. In May of 2021, John posted a picture of of the two playing golf and traveling together to wish Olivia the best of birthday wishes. It’s obvious that the couple loves spending time together and share a the most bonded relationship.

John Owen Lowe age

Age is just a word that is used to define people. In the case of online social networks, individuals want to learn about the age of the people they like more. John Owen Lowe, was born in the year 1995. He was just 28 years old.

John Owen Lowe height and weight

John Owen Lowe has a perfect body shape and he’s healthy and healthy. He is very attentive to his health. We all know that the importance of having a diet plan and healthy diets increase our lifespan. John Owen Lowe Height is 5 feet 8 inches 1.72 cm. His weight is in pounds: 75kg. In kilograms: 165 lbs.

John Owen Lowe Instagram

John Owen Lowe has huge followers and followers on Instagram. Her followers are on Instagram are constantly updated. John Owen Lowe shares personal photographs, lifestyle posts professional photoshoots and events, appearances and short video clips. Her popularity grew steadily.

John Owen Lowe Biography

NameJohn Owen Lowe
ProfessionActor, writer, producer
Age28 years old
ParentsRobert Hepler Lowe (Father)Sheryl Lowe(Mother)
Height5 ‘ 8 1.72 cm
Weight75 kg. In kilograms: 165 lbs
Net worth$5 Million
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