June Ferrin Obituary | Check Who was June Ferrin?

June Ferrin Obituary: Check here to find out the cause of death for the artist and educator from Cummington who recently passed away, June Ferrin.

Who Was June Ferrin?

June is a passionate gardener and painter who has dedicated her life to her passions. She had the ability to create beauty, whether at home or professionally.

She expressed her deepest desire as her life came to an end: she wanted to be reborn into a tree and placed near her perennial gardens where flowers would bloom endlessly, bringing joy to everyone who saw them.

June Ferrin Obituary

June Ferrin died in 2023. After a courageous battle with cancer, June Diane Ferrin passed away at her home in Cummington on April 20, 2023. June Ferrin is survived by three daughters, Leslie Ferrin who lives in Cummington; Melanie Ferrin who lives in Dalton; and Jane Fischer who resides at Indianapolis.

June also leaves behind four grandchildren, Graeme Sloan and Lucy Sloan; Rachel Montgomery and Rebecca Fischer Tripodi. She also has four great-grandchildren. June’s elder sister, Dolores Simonek passed away before June.

Cause of death for June Ferrin

June Ferrin had been battling cancer for over three years. June Ferrin, who was 93 at the time, was born in Los Angeles on March 21, 30. This was during the Great Depression. Katherine Olive Draper and Ira Durias Draper, her parents, faced financial hardships in those days, and relied on family and government support.

They learned to be resourceful and make the best of what they had. They saved, repaired and sewed whenever they could, giving June an innate sense of thrift and resilience that she carried with her throughout her life.

Early life of June Ferrin

June was the salutatorian for her class of Gardena High School in 1948. She received numerous awards for her leadership and artistic talents. June was one of the first women from her family to go to college. She also graduated with the Class of 1953. She focused on social studies and art. During her time at UCLA, she met her future husband Kenneth Ferrin.

In 1954, the couple married and June began a career in art teaching in a public high school. Kenneth was pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics. Leslie was born during this time, a milestone in the family’s history.

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