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Rumours that Jungkook has been working with Calvin Klein are true What is the point of spreading such rumors? This news is unverifiable. Are Jungkook’s Calvin Kelin photos leaked to the internet?

BTS fans especially from India and the United States want to be informed about the latest news. Continue reading the blog to see more news about the Jungkook Calvin Klein Leaked Images news.

Are Jungkook’s Calvin Klein images leaked?

Jungkook, the BTS star, is popularly rumored to be a Calvin Klein model. Many images of Jungkook sporting Calvin Klein s have been circulated online. Jungkook is not officially working for Calvin Klein, however.

Although Jungkook is still the global head creative, Calvin Kelin began following Jungkook on Instagram a few months back. Reddit user uploaded a screenshot captioning that Calvin Klein’s Global Head Creative started following Jungkook through IG. Below, we have listed all of the relevant social media links.

Jungkook has been named the new ambassador to CK.

Fans of Jungkook as well as Calvin Klein are expecting them to collaborate. Many images of Jungkook shooting for Calvin Klein are being circulated by fans. The official announcement has not been made so we cannot confirm.

Jungkook Calvin Klein Twitter videos!

Many Jungkook fans have shared videos of Jungkook wearing Calvin Klein brand leak images.

A fan page for Jungkook called @Protect Jungkook posted a Tweet asking to stop sharing Jungkook’s leaked photoshoot photos. A fan page mentioned that the reason behind the collation was not yet known. Fan page asked for an end to the surprise.

Jungkook Calvin Klein Leaked video!

We don’t agree with Calvin Klein’s collaboration with Jungkook News. Both Jungkook News and Calvin Klein remain silent about the rumors.

A Twitter video shared by another Jungkook fanpage was also shared. The video includes the leaked images from Jungkook’s photoshoot.


Jungkook and Calvin Klein fans are excited for their collaboration and eagerly awaiting the announcement. You can see Jungkook’s collaboration video with Calvin Klein.

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