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Who is Justine Siegemund,?

Justine Siegemund, her mother, was a very popular midwife. Justine was born in 1636. She died in November 1705. Her mother taught her a lot about the profession. Elias Dietrich, her father, was a Lutheran minister. Justine was a struggler in her 20s with other midwives. This experience motivated Justine to study midwifery more and started her practice in 1659.

Justine was married to Christian Siegemund, but she had no children. Her husband was an accountant who supported her along her chosen path. In 1673, they separated. The links below provide more information.

What is the cause of Justine Siegemund’s death?

Many people are searching for the cause of her death but it has remained elusive until now. Her Cause of Death is still unknown. She died at Berlin, Germany, at the age 68. Justine had nearly 6200 children in her career. This is a remarkable achievement.

Justine Siegemund Biography:

Name: Justine Siegemund oder Siegemundin. Professions: Midwife, Medical textbook author. Father: Elias Diettrich Mother: Mrs. Diettrich. German Net worth: Unknown. Nationality: German. Date of death is 10th November 1705

Justine Siegemund: Funeral details and obituary

Justine’s funeral information and obituary are not available online. Many details about her life are still unknown.

Justine Siegemund, The Court Midwife

Justine’s 1690 book titled “The Court Midwife” was written by Justine. Justine was appointed a royal midwife in Berlin in 1701. She was the first female to offer obstetrics information from a female perspective. This is because midwifery at the time was a male job. was impressed with her skills, she asked Justine to write a training Manual for others.

Final Summary

Justine Siegemund is the first German woman who wrote a book about midwifery. It contains detailed information on medical practices and has been passed down through generations.

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