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Karys’ death and obituary devastated her friends and family. Karys, who was 19 years of age, and her boyfriend Michael were killed in a car crash on Saturday, May 20th, 2023.

Karys Seipel

Karys, a 2022 Springboro High School graduate, was studying psychology at Miami University with the goal of becoming a psychotherapist. Karys Seipel was a woman with a larger-than life personality. She had a keen sense of humour and a quick mind. She considered herself to be a pillar of strength for her family. Her caring nature and attentive listening abilities, as well as her exceptional childcare skills were highly regarded.

Karys lost her first and true love Michael Todd Barch. They would have celebrated their second anniversary together on June 11, 2020. She is survived by her parents Bret Seipel and Shannon Seipel as well as her siblings Kennedy Seipel, Kaiya Seipel, and Kason Seipel. Her maternal grandparents, Jana (Stephen), Cavanaugh, and Robert (Linda), Huber are her maternal grandparents. While her paternal grandmothers are Bill (Merry), Seipel.

Karys will also be missed by her aunts, uncles, and cousins: Shawna Tobias(Jason), Sarah Farthing(Tony), Steven Cavanaugh Clinton HuberStephanie HuberChase HuberKim Huber and Nathan Seipel. Numerous cousins, friends and family members also loved her.

Karys S. Seipel Death Notice

Officially, the names of those who tragically perished in a collision on Saturday night in Clearcreek Township have been released. Michael Barch, 20, from Centerville, was identified by the Ohio State Highway Patrol on Wednesday. Karys Siepel, 19, from Springboro, was also named.

Around 11:35pm, Ohio State Highway Patrol crews and Clearcreek Township firefighters responded to reports that a crash had occurred at the intersection of State Routes 48 and East Lytle Five Points Road.

Authorities have confirmed identities of the people involved in a fatal car crash in Warren County that occurred Saturday night. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s news release, around 11:30 pm, Mary Huelsman (57), was driving a Kia Telluride southbound along Ohio 48 when she collided with a Chevrolet Malibu driven by Michael Barch (20) from Centerville.

Both cars went off the right-hand side of road and hit a utility post. Michael Barch from Springboro and Karys Seipel, 19, both lost their lives when the Chevrolet Malibu caught on fire. Because of the severe burns, bodies were not immediately identifiable at the time.

Karys Seipel Obituary

Karys’s death is a tragic and heartbreaking event. She was a remarkable young person whose presence enriched the lives those who were fortunate to know her. Karys’ infectious laughter, her unwavering compassionate, and her dream of becoming a therapist made her a person who touched many people.

In reflecting on her life, and the fond memories she has left behind, let’s celebrate the mark she has made in the world. Karys suffered the tragic loss of Michael Todd Barch, her first love. The couple were eagerly anticipating the second anniversary of their marriage, which was set for June 11, 2023.

Their relationship was a beautiful example of young romance, as their dreams and ambitions were interwoven harmoniously. Although their time together ended prematurely, the love they shared will remain forever in the memories of those who knew and loved them. Karys had a personality larger than life that captured the hearts of all those who came into contact with her.

She brought joy and laughter in any room that she entered with her infectious wit and quick sense of humour. Karys’s ability to inspire and build relationships was uncanny. She was loved by many for her friendship, confidence, and light.

Karys Seipel Death

After an initial investigation of the tragic accident, it was found that Mary Huelsman (57), a Bellbrook resident, was driving a car southbound on SR 48. Michael Barch was driving eastbound in a Chevrolet heading down Lytle Five Points Road.

Huelsman collided with Barch in the Chevrolet. The impact caused both vehicles to veer off the right-hand side of the road and collide with a wooden pole.

Emergency services promptly arrived at the scene, and Huelsman was subsequently transported to Kettering Health with injuries that were determined to be non-life-threatening. Michael Barch’s passenger Karys Seipel was tragically killed at the scene. Authorities are still investigating this tragic accident as they try to gather more information and find out the circumstances.

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