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This article gives information about the Kawana-Jenkins Full Video. It also explains the details of the whole video.

Are you searching for information about Kawana Jenkins’ leaked video? Recently, a viral video showing a police officer and her prisoner became popular on social media. The scandal is a matter of great concern to Americans and others around the globe. The article contains more information about Kawana Jenkins Full Video.

What is the video’s content?

Kawana Jenkins’ video was posted on social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and others. But, the video is short, and Americans want the entire video.

Latest about Kawana Jenkins Instagram

Platform. There are also posts about the video and the captions. Kawana Jenkins is believed to have been fired by the department due to her unacceptable behavior at the station.

Jenkins is charged with numerous offenses, including intimacy while on duty and violation of the oath taken by a public official, reckless conduct, cruelty towards inmates, and giving an unauthorized item to a prohibited item.

How did the video leak?

The whole thing was recorded on a contraband phone, and then leaked on various social media platforms. Along with the links, the video is available on Kawana Jenkins Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

There are no links to the whole video. Users will only find a 10–14 second clip. It is not possible to tell if the whole video is online or was removed due some guidelines.

What happened to the cellphone?

The sheriff conducted a sweep in a maximum-security wings with the help his strike team in late January. The team collected various items from the cell including guns and eleven mobile phones, which were later analysed.

But, one of the phones had the Kawana Jerkins Full Video, where she was seen performing inappropriate and unprofessional acts with one of her friends.

What are the consequences of Jenkins’ actions?

An investigation was done in which all facts related to the video were checked by the officers. Kawana Jenkins was fired by her superior and she was arrested on suspicion of violating the office oath.

Do you know of any other similar events?

Similar incident: A female officer was found having an affair with several officers from the same department. Inappropriate activities were being conducted inside the station. This led to the same outcome as Kawana Jenkins Full Video.


The video has made headlines online. The police department will take strict action against such acts. For more information, please click here

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