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Although the Fourth of July in the United States is a holiday, it has become a day of sorrow in Kaysville. On Monday, the parade was cancelled after an 8-year-old participant was hit by a vehicle during the holiday celebration. Macie Hill was involved in Patriot cheer rehearsal when a Hummer with the team hit her.

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What happened at the Kaysville Parade?

Witnesses to accidents reported that Hill was run over by a yellow hummer. She added, “I witnessed a little girl down on the floor in a small dancing group and the trailer ran over the top of her.” She moved her children away to ensure they didn’t witness the incidents. The parade was cancelled immediately after other women shouted at her driver.

Kaysville Utah Parade accident What officials have to say about the incident

Police stated that the girl was in an accident involving a yellow-hammer towing a trailer full of balloons and ribbons. Police took the girl to the hospital, where she was in critical condition. After an accident close to 175 South Main Street, traffic was stopped on the road. However, it has been reopened by authorities.

Kaysville Fire officials gave permission to people in the parade area to leave after the event and assured them that there was no threat to their safety. People who knew Macie Hill appreciated their help.

Kaysville Parade 2022

After an investigation, police determined that Marcie was not in danger while she was walking by the float and were not sure if she was tripped over and was hurt. Police described it as a tragedy and began to think about the family. The parade of patriotic floats stopped abruptly just 15 to 20 minutes after it began. It ended at 10:10 AM, confusing hundreds. After word spread that there had been an accident along the route, the parade was cancelled.

Final thoughts Kaysville Parade accident

Although the Fourth of July is a holiday in the United States it has become a day of sorrow. A parade participant, aged eight years, was struck by a vehicle during the holiday celebration. This resulted in the cancellation of Monday’s parade. The girl was critically ill and was taken to hospital. Macie’s supporters were thanked by the Hill family. For more information about Independence Day,

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