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Find out the reasons Kemper Durand Memphis is back on the news and what happened to him and how he passed away. Check out the complete article for more details.

Are you aware of whom Kemper Durand is? Have you heard of his death in 2013? You want to know why this particular incident is now on the news?

The people of America United States are stunned after hearing about the disappearance of the kindergarten teacher. Everyone is eager to find out whether Eliza Fletcher is safe or what occurred to her. The police are on the case. We should take a look at Kemper Durand Memphisnews in order to get all the details on this.

What is the reason Kemper Durand in the news?

It was 2000 and Durand was on the news for a shooting incident after an armed man tried to take Durand. He was escorted to the shop by a gunman who asked him whether he wanted to make use of his ATM. When he demanded for help following the appearance of an officer in armed uniform the suspect fled at the time. However, later in the year 2000, the suspect Cleotha Abston was arrested on charges of abducting lawyer Durand at Memphis, Tennessee.

Also in 2022, as per an online news report the man was detained for the particularly serious kidnapping charge.

What Is Especially Aggravated Kidnapping?

Kidnappings within Tennessee is a serious crime that is defined by Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 13 Section 39-13-303. And especially aggravating kidnapping can be defined as Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 13 Section 39-13-305. In this regard, abducting involves:

  • obtained with a deadly weapon or victim was convinced it is the most deadly weapon available;
  • performed when a victim is younger than 13 years old;
  • used to pay ransom, shield or hostage
  • or in cases where the victim suffers a serious or serious injury;

It falls under one of the categories of Gravely Aggravated kidnapping. In this instance the offence is punishable with a maximum penalty of 15 to 60 years in prison.

The case that involved Kemper Durand Memphis ,accused Cleotha Abston was accused of abducting, served 20 years in jail before being released on July of 2020.

What is the latest case about Abston?

According to the latest news, Abston was arrested on Saturday, charged with altering evidence and particularly an aggravated kidnapping Eliza Fletcher. Eliza is an mother to two children and a teacher was last seen on Friday when she went out for a run and hasn’t been seen since. In response to a complaint from her husband, the police began an investigation and discovered an unarmed man dragging her from her vehicle. A handful of surveillance videos assisted police in identifying Abston.

What happened to Kemper Durand Memphis Die?

Kemper Bartlett Durand, an exceptional lawyer, died in February 13th, 2013. The lawyer was recuperating from the flu and then he departed the world on a Saturday. He was buried in a chair near the fireplace in the family room, according to the son of one.

Durand is a scholar, and was considered to be an anchor that held the community to one another. His body was donated to medical research.

It is important to note that the information we present here is taken from internet sources and we do not claiming to be a source for any person.


Kemper Durand Memphis attorney who Abston abducts in 2000, has been taken into custody in connection with the aggrieved kidnapping of mother, Eliza Fletcher. Eliza Fletcher is still missing and the investigation is pointing toward Abston’s brother whom is also the major suspect in this particular case. If you’d like to know more about the funeral of Kemper Durand visit this link .

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