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This article provides details on this case, the Kevin McClam Missingcase and outlines the key facts that are relevant to the case, to help readers better understand the case.

Are you aware of the disappearance of a young person in 1997? Are you searching for details about the missing person and investigation? The year 1997 was the first time a missing-person investigation was initiated within the United States, which remains unsolved by the authorities.

In this post, we’ll provide crucial information on Kevin McClam Missing case. Kevin McClam Missing case, and provide some insight on the report that the officials put together during that time.

Who is Kevin McClam?

Kevin Lamont McClam, who also has Alexander as his name of last name. He was the teenage who went missing in 1997. He disappeared for a while in South California, and after many years, police are unable to find any clue to the incident.

He vanished on March 31, 1997. The exact place of disappearance of his disappearance was Goose Creek. He was just 14 when he vanished and, at the moment his age, he’s 40 years old.

More details about Kevin McClam Missing case

Kevin has been missing since around 11:30 a.m. at his house in the Charleston Naval weapons Station within the United States because of his family’s involvement to the U.S. Navy during that period. According to the reports it is reported the report states that Kevin was playing video games late into the night, while his parents were asleep.

When the family members awoke when they awoke, they found the fact that Kevin was missing. Additionally, they could not find any letters or a sense of struggle in his bedroom. The family members called the police and, within two hours of examining the matter regarding Kevin McClam Missing They found his clothing.

The clothes were found on the construction site and were spray paint. There was not any evidence of fighting.

Did you have any witnesses in the course of an investigation?

Eyewitnesses saw Kevin walking about near the construction site during the afternoon hours of day. He then disappeared. According to the eyewitness, Kevin was wearing sneakers and boxers.

The case turned tragic when a man named Thomas McCardle was arrested for being the main suspect in the death of Kevin McClam. It was discovered of investigation into the Kevin McClam Missing investigation.

Another suspect arrested under the name of Michael Moorcroft says that he along with Thomas McCardle murdered the teenager. But, there was not any evidence at the time, so there was no case brought against them.

How would you describe the disappearance given to Kevin McClam when he disappeared?

This is the information we’ve gathered through the internet and investigation. It reveals the exact identity of Kevin McClam at the time of his disappearance.

  • Height and Weight – 5’7″ and 140 pounds
  • Specifications: African American male, black hair The space between the upper and lower teeth. his last name “Alexander”.
  • Clothing: A long-sleeved brownor white striped shirt the long, white pant, along with black/white sneakers.


As part of the Kevin McClam missing investigation, we’ve witnessed that police have attempted everything to collect details about this  however, unfortunately they didn’t achieve the desired results. The missing case is uncertain, and nobody knows what actually happened.

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