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Kimberly Barton obituary is shared in this article. It pays homage to her career and highlights Kimberly Barton’s courage and commitment to save lives.

Kimberly Barton Death & Obituary

Firefighter Kimberly Barton is a 25-year veteran of the Columbus Division of Fire. It is with heavy hearts we announce her passing. Kimberly Barton was devoted to the Columbus Division of Fire. On Tuesday, the department informed residents of the loss with deep sorrow.

Kimberly Barton is forever remembered by many as a mentor, friend, and colleague within the division. She served the citizens of Columbus with unwavering devotion and selflessness for over 25 years. Her dedication to duty and unwavering service left a permanent mark on the Department and the Community she tirelessly devoted herself to.

Columbus Division of Fire respectfully asks that you keep Barton’s friends and family in your thoughts during this difficult moment. It is a great loss to lose such a compassionate and esteemed colleague. Her absence will be greatly felt.

In honoring Kimberly Barton’s memory, we pay tribute her valuable contributions and the lasting impacts she had on those she touched. May she be at peace forever, and may the legacy of her life inspire future generations to become firefighters.

Kimberly Barton Dies

Local 330’s workers and members express their condolences, sympathy and deep sorrow to the Local 67 staff in Columbus that are mourning Firefighter Kimberly Barton.

This message has been sent on behalf all workers and members, men and woman, of Local 330. Our sincere wish is that in this time of great sorrow, the family and friends who knew Firefighter Kimberly Barton will find comfort from each other.

We are mourning the tragic loss Kimberly Barton. She died the day before in a sad accident. Our prayers and thoughts go to her family. The accident took place the day prior, and it was tragically one of the closest friends I have ever had.

Our paths first crossed during a lesson of acrobatics taught by Miss Linda in her dance studio, where I had the pleasure to meet her sister Heidi Corfman Duff for the very first time. Social media helped me stay informed and connected to the world despite time passing and life twists.

I had been eagerly anticipating the chance to speak to Kimberly, at the Walnut Ridge 1984 Class 40th Reunion next year. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Dear friend, I hope and pray you get the rest that you need in these trying times. The unpredictable nature of tomorrow reminds us to embrace our loved ones and keep them close today.

Kimberly Barton Obituary

Obituary for Firefighter Kimberly Barton: A Dedicated Service Member Mourned By the Columbus Community

Kimberly Barton, a firefighter who died in Columbus on Sunday morning, has left a deep void and a community of grief. Barton was renowned for her unwavering devotion and commitment to serving others. Her departure has created an irreplaceable gap. She was a friend and mentor for many people in the division. Her legacy is one of compassion and generosity.

Kimberly Barton, a Columbus resident for more than 25 years, has been serving and protecting the citizens of Columbus with courage. Kimberly Barton’s unwavering dedication and bravery earned her the respect of her peers and the community in which she served. Her sudden and unexpected death casts a sad shadow over Columbus Division of Fire, and the entire Columbus community.

Kimberly Barton’s name will remain forever in the memory of all who knew her. Her career was defined by her profound commitment to saving and ensuring others’ safety. Over the course of her distinguished career, which spanned over two and a quarter decades, she touched countless lives.

Kimberly Barton epitomized the essence of an devoted public service. Her unwavering devotion to the security and well-being for the Columbus community were unparalleled. Her years of service are marked by heroism. bravery and selflessness. She bravely faced dangerous and demanding circumstances while always prioritizing others’ needs over her own.

By saying goodbye to Kimberly Barton we pay tribute to her incredible legacy and the lasting impact she left behind. May her selfless work continue to inspire the next generation, and may she be at peace with the divine. We send our deepest sympathies to her grieving friends, family and the entire Columbus area during this tragic time.

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